Historic National Road

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  • Eads Bridge

    The Eads Bridge spans darkly across the shimmering blue waters of the Mississippi River. Across the river several buildings and the Gateway to the West Monument reach up to clear skys.

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  • Guernsey County Courthouse

    A war memorial stands outside the Guernsey County Courthouse. American flags line the entrance pathway.

  • S-Bridge in Cambridge, Ohio

    These unusually-shaped bridges were originally constructed to allow stagecoaches to pass each other.

  • "Madonna Of The Trail" on the Old National Road

    The "Madonna of the Trail" stands before the old state building Vandalia.

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  • Effingham County Courthouse

    The red and white brick courthouse stands ready to receive visitors.

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  • Effingham County Courthouse

    The 19th century Courthouse stands on the corner of the banner covered Fourth and Jefferson. The bright green lawn supports trees and a monument to Lord Effingham.

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  • National  Museum of Civil War Medicine

    Museum visitors read a plaque before a life-size display of Civil War soldiers treating their injured.

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  • Original Milepost Marker

    This is an intact, original milepost marker, just outside the Zane Grey Museum in Zanesville, Ohio.

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  • On the Wheeling Suspension Bridge

    A spacious sidewalk will allow you to walk the Wheeling Suspension Bridge and get a closer look at its design and architecture.

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  • Town Square in West Jefferson

    Patriotic flags hang from the banister of Town Square in West Jefferson along the Historic National Road Scenic Byway.

  • Visitors at Fox Run S-Bridge

    Two visitors read an interpretive sign near the Fox Run S-Bridge on this sunny fall day.

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  • The Zane Grey Museum

    It's a sunny fall day at the Zane Grey Museum in Zanesville, Ohio.

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  • Fallingwater Amidst A Forest

    The horizontal lines of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater peer out from a surrounding forest.

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  • Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater

    Cantilevers allow the upper stories of the house to reach out of the falling water from which the house gains its name.

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  • Residential Streets in Wheeling

    Manicured lawns and views of the hills make this residential area in Wheeling a touch of home on the Historic National Road.

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  • Ordinary Life on the Historic National Road

    Houses along the Historic National Road near Wheeling, WV, give visitors a look at what it might be like to live there.

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