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  • The Magnificent Mississippi River and Towering Forested Bluffs

    This view from a high level in Pierce County catches it all - the magnificent Mississippi River, the towering forested bluffs with limestone outcropping, and a barge. A Wayside/Scenic Overlook adjacent to the Wisconsin Great River Road gracefully fits in.

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  • Sunset on the Mississippi River

    Sunset - a special time to experience the tranquilty of "Old Man River".

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  • "Fitting Into" the Landscape on the Great River Road

    This slide illustrates the care with which the design of the Wisconsin Great River Road was "fit into" the environmentally sensitive landscape.

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  • Winter Frosts the Trees along the Mississippi River

    Frosty trees line the the Great River Road in winter.

  • Dream-Like Scenery in Southeastern Minnesota

    Clouds surround a hillside at Great Bluffs State Park on the Minnesota Great River Road.

  • Sunset over the Mississippi

    Sky is orange over the ruffled gray waters of the Mississippi River on the Great River Road.

  • Waterfall at David's Cove Near Historic Nauvoo

    Water cascades over rock ledges near David's Cove on the Great River Road in Illinois.

  • St. Francis National Forest

    The St. Francis National Forest is the smallest national forest in the country and includes the only upland hardwood forest along Arkansas' Great River Road route. It also includes the only unpaved section of the route.

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  • Clarks Creek Natural Area

    This image shows one of the many interesting features of the Clarks Creek Natural Area.

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  • Old Courthouse Museum in Vicksburg

    The Old Warren County Courthouse built in the Greek Revival style in the 19th century, is now the home of the Eva Davis Museum.

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  • Rosemont

    The Antebellum home of Rosemont shows early American architecture.

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  • Mississippi River Framed by Oaks at Columbus-Belmont State Park

    Framed by two stout oaks at Kentucky’s Columbus-Belmont State Park, the Mississippi River rolls south below the commanding bluffs of Fort DeRussey, Confederate General Leonides Polk’s “Gibralter of the South”.

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  • Red Buttermilk Sunset

    The sun sets, creating a piercing-red blanket of clouds along the Mississippi River on Mississippi’s Great River Road.

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  • Foggy Oak Alley

    A foggy morning at the Oak Alley Plantation gives an eerie appearance to this restored antebellum plantation home. Live oaks—300 years old—bend over the walkway, making a pathway to the front of the home.

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  • Bird's Eye View of Oak Alley

    A bird’s eye view of Oak Alley shows the expansive amount of trees surrounding the plantation and the Mississippi River in the background.

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  • Civil War Reenactment

    As part of a Civil War reenactment at Port Hudson State Historic Site, soldiers fire cannons across the site as spectators look on in the distance.

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  • Mississsippi Great River Road Bridge at Sunset

    The sun sets dramatically over the Mississippi River along Mississippi’s Great River Road.

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  • French Quarter Historic District

    Hundreds of people, interspersed with horse-drawn carriages and vehicles, gather in Jackson Square—the heart of the French Quarter in New Orleans—to celebrate a festival. The St. Louis Cathedral looms in the distance against a sheath of cloudy sky.

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  • Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve

    The courtyard garden of the Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve in the French Quarter of New Orleans features a brick pathway that is sprinkled with potted plants and trees in full bloom.

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  • National Cemetery Interpretive Exhibits

    Two women look at interpretive exhibits at the Chalmette Battlefield and National Cemetery against a backdrop of numerous headstones, many dating back to the Civil War.

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  • Oak Alley Plantation

    Visit Oak Alley Plantation home along the Great River Road in Vacherie, Louisiana for a taste of the antebellum South.

  • Clarksville's Howard Street, Gateway to the Mississippi River

    Golden leaves lie scattered on the sidewalks and streets of Clarksville on a quiet day in late summer.

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  • Lansing in the Fall

    The Mississippi River runs through the town of Lansing, IA flocked by colorful trees.

  • Delta Cultural Center Exhibit

    The blues music tradition of the Arkansas Delta is one of the many stories told at the Delta Cultural Center in Helena, a primary interpretive center along The Great River Road. Exhibits also tell a comprehensive story of the land and its people from prehistoric times to the present.

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  • Restored Brigham Young Home in Historic Nauvoo

    Brigham Young's home in Nauvoo stands as a reminder of the industriousness of the early settlers.

  • Bix Fest

    Crowds gather around a stage to listen to the music of the Bix Festival

  • Americas River Festival

    Crowds line the boardwalk at the Americans River Festival along the Mississippi River.

  • Nottoway Plantation House

    Fronted by tall white columns, Nottoway Plantation House sits beneath a canopy of thick clouds.

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  • Learning about Logging at the Forest History Center

    Children and adults will learn about logging at the Forest History Center in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

  • Tunica Riverpark

    From the Tunica Riverpark’s architecturally stunning new overlook, you’ll enjoy a view of “America’s River” up close.

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  • The Montgomery Bus Where Rosa Parks Sat

    Indoors at the National Civil Rights Museum stands a recreation of the bright yellow Montgomery city bus where Rosa Parks defied the city's segregated bus transport policy.

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