Blue Ridge Parkway

All-American RoadNorth Carolina, Virginia

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  • Peaks of Otter

    Sharp Top Mountain Peak provides a sweeping view, overlooking the Peaks of Otter lodge and Abbott Lake.

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  • Autumn Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

    The reds and golds of autumn are displayed in vibrant colors along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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  • Sunrise over the Blue Ridge Parkway

    Sunrise comes to the Blue Ridge Parkway near Great Smoky Mountains National Park

  • The Top of Chimney Rock

    A stiff breeze stretches out the flag on top of Chimney Rock.

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  • Wake Boarding on Smith Mountain Lake

    A visitor to the lake catches some air while wake-boarding.

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  • Looking Glass Rock in Pisgah National Forest

    Looking Glass Rock casts a shadow across Pisgah National Forest, which is beginning to change color its fall foliage season.

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  • Overlook Mill

    A view of Overlook Mill in the Pisgah National Forest shows faint traces of fall.

  • Fall Color Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

    Brilliant reds and yellows are juxtaposed against deep blues and greens on the slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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  • Trail's Cabin

    The Blue Ridge Parkway protects and preserves historically and culturally significant buildings for visitors to learn and appreciate early pioneer living.

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  • Concert Event at the Blue Ridge Music Center

    Visitors enjoy entertainment along Blue Ridge at this fall concert.

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  • Great Valley Overlook

    A visitor to the Blue Ridge Parkway stands at the Great Valley Overlook to observe the entire valley spread out below.

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  • Unwinding -- Appalachian Style

    Water-smoothed stones jut into a shallow river as it moseys thru the shaded mountain timberland, providing an unblemished playground for two young travelers.

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  • Stone-arched Bridges of the Parkway

    Blending into the background, these quaint stone bridges lend a charming atmosphere to this section of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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  • Mabry Mill

    With many reflecting ponds, Mabry Mill portrays a peaceful atmosphere in which to relax.

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  • Split Rail Fences Along the Parkway

    Split rail fences and puffy white clouds lend a rustic charm to the parkway.

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  • The Parkway in Autumn

    The Blue Ridge Parkway winds through a sea of color produced by the change of seasons.

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  • An Engineering Masterpiece

    An aerial view of the viaduct found along the Blue Ridge Parkway reveals a masterpiece of engineering.

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  • Peaks of Otter Trails

    Creeks cross the way along one the many pathways on the Otter Trails.

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  • Nature's Palette on the Blue Ridge Parkway

    Red and gold leaves combined provide a rich color amongst the fall foliage.

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  • Red Azaleas on the Blue Ridge Parkway

    A red-flowered bush stands next to gray rocks beneath an overcast sky on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The parkway itself is visible in the far distance.

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  • Misty Layers of Mountains

    Grandfather Mountain is amid the Blue Ridge mountain range.

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