Beartooth Highway

All-American RoadMontana, Wyoming

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  • Rock Creek Canyon

    Beartooth Highway snakes through Rock Creek Canyon on a perfect summer day as it begins the ascent to Beartooth Plateau.

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  • Cliff Lake

    Verdant foliage ornaments the still waters of Cliff Lake, located in Shoshone National Forest.

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  • Pilot Peak

    Pilot Peak rises in the distance above Cooke City, Montana.

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  • Pilot and Index Peaks

    The Highway passes through geologically diverse environments. Shown here, Pilot and Index Peaks in the Absaroka Range are examples of mountains formed by volcanic processes, while the Beartooth Range is of granitic origin and represents some of the oldest rocks in the world.

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  • Waterfall on Beartooth Lake

    A rush of water pours out of the Beartooth Lake.

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  • Fly Fishing on Cliff Lake, Beartooth Mountains

    Cliff Lake is a pristine alpine lake just a short hike upstream from the inlet of Fantan Lake, Beartooth Mountains.

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  • Distant View of Pilot Peak

    Pilot and Index Peaks were used many years ago by the Crow Indians, trappers and other travelers to keep their bearings, hence their names.

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  • Pilot and Index Peaks

    These twin peaks reach staggering heights of over 11,000 feet.

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  • Rock Creek Vista Point Overlook, Montana

    Visitors to the Beartooth All-American Road will experience the vastness of the Beartooth-Absaroka Wilderness before proceeding to the "top of the world" at Beartooth Pass.

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  • Lake Creek Bridge

    The modern Lake Creek Bridge on the Beartooth Highway crosses over Lake Creek. Pilot and Index peaks are in the background.

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  • RV'ing on the Beartooth All-American Road

    RV enthusiasts travel close to the Beartooth Plateau at an elevation of 10,450 ft.

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  • Hairpin Curve on the West Summit of Beartooth Pass

    Snow drapes the mountain slopes along the Beartooth Highway, which loops into a hairpin curve.

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