Santa Fe Trail

National Scenic BywayColorado, New Mexico

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  • The West Entrance of New Mexico's Capitol

    The New Mexico capitol building is shaped like the Zia sun symbol.

  • Santa Fe Southern Railway

    The Santa Fe Southern Railway rushes through the sagebrush-covered lands of New Mexico.

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  • Victorian Garden at Baca Bloom Mansion

    Flora flourishes in the historic Victorian Garden at the Baca Bloom Mansion, part of the Trinidad History Museum and Santa Fe Trail Visitors Center.

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  • Sunset Along the Santa Fe Trail

    A mesa's silhouette outlines the horizon as the sky fills with a clouded sunset.

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  • Wagon Mound

    The Wagon Mound reaches 6,930 feet, earning its namesake because its profile is shaped like an oxen-drawn wagon. This famous Santa Fe Trail landmark sits on the horizon, past a wide golden field.

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  • Raton Pass

    Beautiful colors and tall trees grace this view of Raton Pass.

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