Ebbetts Pass Scenic Byway

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  • Carving through Powder

    Bear Valley Mountain Resort's snow is great for carving.

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  • Powder Run at Bear Valley

    A skier enjoys a powder run at Bear Valley Mountain Resort.

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  • Ebbetts Pass in Autumn

    Changing leaves fill this view of Hwy. 4 near Ebbetts Pass, suggesting that autumn is truly the best time to drive this byway.

  • Hermit Valley

    Hermit Valley is a quiet and peaceful place to dip your toes in the creek.

  • Silver Creek Canyon

    This view of Silver Creek Canyon is taken from the byway, a mile or so east of Ebbetts Pass. After winding through dense forest and through granite formations which come right to the edge of the road, the view suddenly opens to this grande vista. Because there are no guardrails in this area, it is often referred to as the "white knuckle zone" by local residents.

  • Silver Creek

    The highway follows Silver Creek for several miles, before it joins the Carson River. Several bridges give the traveler a chance to stop the car and enjoy the sound of water rushing over granite.

  • Alpine County

    The road travels through Alpine Country at over 8000 feet in elevation.

  • Highland Lake

    The breathtaking Highland Lake may provide trout for dinner, and several trailheads offer treks to some great high-country views.

  • Camping at Mosquito Lakes

    Camping at Mosquito Lakes is about as tranquil as it can get.

  • Rafting on Stanislaus North Fork

    Rafters negotiate tricky whitewater rapids on the Stanislaus North Fork.

  • Carson River East Fork Rafting

    This photo gives you the perspective of a rafter enjoying the whitewater in the summer.

  • Big Trees North Grove Trail

    Redwood giants surround this path in Calaveras Big Trees State Park

  • Mosquito Lakes

    Crisp waters reflect tall conifers on the Mosquite Lakes. State Route 4 hugs the shoreline of these connected lakes. The cabins on this tiny island create a scene often photographed and painted.

  • Cape Horn Vista

    A view from the Cape Horn Vista presents an almost overwhelming palette of colors.

  • Ski Tracks

    Two skiers leave fresh tracks on a run at Bear Valley Mountain Resort.

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  • Snowshoeing near Ebbetts Pass

    Two snowshoers trek their way through the Stanislaus National Forest, which surrounds Ebbetts Pass, CA.

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  • Two Young Cross-Country Skiiers

    Cross-country skiing is a great activity for the whole family.

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  • Pacific Valley

    Pacific Creek provides a natural setting for another campground, just a mile from the byway.

  • Mountain Peaks of Bear Valley

    The mystical peaks of the Sierra-Nevada Mountains provide great skiing opportunities.

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  • Riding off a Cliff

    A skier rides off a cliff into the soft powder below at Bear Valley Mountain Resort.

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  • Family Skiing on the Ebbetts Pass Scenic Byway

    For an exciting family experience, try cross-country skiing.

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  • Downhill Skiing

    A skier takes a run down a groomer as the sun lies low to the horizon at Bear Valley Mountain Resort.

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  • Mountain View from Cross-Country Skiing Trail near Ebbetts Pass

    As you cross-country ski the trails near Ebbetts Pass, you'll enjoy views of quiet winter valleys and mountain peaks.

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  • Dropping off a Cliff

    A skier drops off a cliff on a run through the powder at Bear Valley Mountain Resort.

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  • Catching Air

    A snowboarder catches some air on one of the terrain park features at Bear Valley Mountain Resort.

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