Journey Through Hallowed Ground Byway

National Scenic BywayMaryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia

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  • A Cloudless Sky Over the Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

    The imposing architecture of the Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton is impressive red brick and includes a basilica, offices, and several wings surrounded by wide green lawns and a high-flying US flag.

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  • Point of Rocks Bridge over the Potomac River

    The Potomac River serenely flows by green forests lining the Virginia bank, while the classic and graceful Point of Rocks Bridge spans the river.

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  • Francis Scott Key Monument at Mount Olivet Cemetery

    A striking bronze statue of Francis Scott Key stands atop a cylindrical pedestal in honor of the author of our national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

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  • Monument at Gettysburg National Battlefield Park

    South Mountain rises in the distance behind the Gettysburg Monument on the Gettysburg Battlefield , which contains broad fields where Union and Confederate troops clashed during one of the most critical turning points in the Civil War.

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  • Re-enactment of Pickett's Charge

    Union and Confederate troops reenact the July 3, 1863 action known as Pickett’s Charge, which marked the last gasp of Confederate efforts. It turned the tide in favor of the Union and affected the outcome of the war.

  • Virginia Route 231 in Albemarle County

    Winding through Orange and Albemarle Counties, Virginia Route 231 is a two-lane rural road with scenic views that alternate between the shady enclosure of a leafy green tree canopy and the sun-lit expanse of gently rolling pastures and fields.

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  • Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

    Situated at the end of an expansive front lawn and framed by a colorful perennial border, Monticello – the home of Thomas Jefferson – is a testimony to the builder’s creativity and architectural skills. Based on the classical style of Palladian architecture, it sits on an 850-foot mountain and offers stunning views, gardens, and walkways.

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  • Equestrian Event at Morven Park

    With the historic Governor’s Mansion in the distance, an equestrian guides his horse through Poplar Puddle and over a hurdle during one of the many horse races held every year at Morven Park’s International Equestrian Center.

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  • James Madison's Montpelier

    The stately red brick home of James Madison, Father of the Constitution, has recently been restored; it sits on a hill with a wide lawn before it and a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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  • Cedar Mountain Battlefield

    The expansive farmland extending beyond the snake rail fence at Cedar Mountain Battlefield creates a tranquil, scenic view along the byway.

  • Remembrance Day Parade on Route 15 in Gettysburg, PA

    Lincoln re-enactors, accompanied by fifes and drums, camp followers, and dignitaries, march down Route 15, Gettysburg’s main street, as the entire town turns out in full force for the Remembrance Day Parade.

  • Panoramic View of Maryland's Catoctin Mountains

    This view of the northern Catoctin Mountains looks west from the Catoctin Mountain Scenic Byway.

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  • Westward View South of Leesburg

    Immediately adjacent to the byway in Loudoun County, rail fencing divides the gently rolling terrain into pastures. Here visitors experience the scenic beauty of the Virginia Piedmont’s horse country.

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  • Oatlands Plantation

    At Oatlands Plantation, the Greek Revival-style mansion looks out over a formal, terraced lawn.

  • Enjoying Extreme Summer Camp at Gilmore Cabin, Montpelier

    As participants in the Journey Through Hallowed Ground’s Extreme Summer Camp, children gather on the porch of Gilmore Cabin at Jame Madison’s Montpelier.

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  • Views of the Blue Ridge Mountains from Orange County

    The violet Blue Ridge Mountains rise up beyond gently rolling fields of corn at Somerset Plantation along VA-20.

  • Graceful Barboursville Ruins

    The remains of a home that Thomas Jefferson built in 1822 for his friend Governor Barbour evokes the designer’s genius and is a striking site on the grounds of the Barboursville Winery.

  • James Monroe's Ash Lawn-Highland

    Located near Charlottesville, the estate of James Monroe, fifth President of the United States, and his wife Elizabeth, features a sweeping front yard filled with living history enactors.

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  • The Restored Lincoln Train Station

    The yellow-painted brick Lincoln Train Station where Lincoln arrived to deliver the Gettysburg Address has been carefully restored and is now open to the public.

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