Woodlands Trace

National Scenic BywayKentucky, Tennessee

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  • Woodlands Trace Weaving Through Land Between The Lakes NRA

    An aerial view of a vast green landscape highlights the Woodlands Trace byway as it winds its way through the forested peninsula called Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area.

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  • A Family on the Shores of Cedar Pond

    Cedar Pond offers access to fishing, boating, and more as evidenced by the folks skipping stones and admiring nature at this reflective, autumn-draped pond.

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  • A Look at the Stars at the Golden Pond Planetarium

    Seated visitors are taken through the galaxy from the comfort of the 84-seat Golden Pond Planetarium.

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  • An Elk Bull on the Elk and Bison Prairie

    An elk bull raises its head while grazing in the Elk and Bison Prairie. A heard of elk can often be heard bugling in autumn.

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  • Bison Grazing in the South Bison Range

    Four American bison, North America’s largest wild land animal, graze in the early autumn morning fog.

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  • Up Close to an American Bison

    An American bison, common in the Elk and Bison Prairie, closes his eyes while resting peacefully.

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