Woodlands Trace

National Scenic BywayKentucky, Tennessee

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  • Turkey Bay OHV Area Entrance

    A gravel road leads through thick green forests to the Turkey Bay OHV area.

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  • OHV Riders on Turkey Bay's Trails

    Off-highway vehicle users ride trails in the Turkey Bay OHV area.

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  • A Quiet Pond at the Cedar Pond Picnic Area

    Before a backdrop of enclosing green trees, picturesque Cedar Pond reflects its surroundings and serves as a place to fish and picnic and as a water source for wildlife.

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  • Visiting the Great Western Iron Furnace

    A visiting family is dwarfed by the towering limestone ruins of the Great Western Iron Furnace.

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  • Camping with Horses at Wranglers Campground

    Wranglers Campground provides amenities for people camping with their horses.

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  • Swimming at Moss Creek Day Use Area

    Swimmers enjoy fun in the sun at the sparkling Kentucky Lake in the Moss Creek Day Use Area.

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  • Inside the Golden Pond Visitor Center

    The Golden Pond Visitor Center has an exhibit area, recreation information, a picnic pavilion, a play area, and other amenities for travelers to enjoy.

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  • Bison Grazing in the South Bison Range

    Four American bison, North America’s largest wild land animal, graze in the early autumn morning fog.

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  • Woodlands Trace Weaving Through Land Between The Lakes NRA

    An aerial view of a vast green landscape highlights the Woodlands Trace byway as it winds its way through the forested peninsula called Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area.

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  • Camping on Kentucky Lake

    Campers enjoy the Hillman Ferry campsites on the shore of Kentucky Lake.

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  • A Barge on Kentucky Lake

    A lone barge drifts on the blue expanse of Kentucky Lake. Barges and other lake traffic can often be seen from the scenic Kentucky Lake Drive.

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  • Up Close to an American Bison

    An American bison, common in the Elk and Bison Prairie, closes his eyes while resting peacefully.

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  • An Elk Bull on the Elk and Bison Prairie

    An elk bull raises its head while grazing in the Elk and Bison Prairie. A heard of elk can often be heard bugling in autumn.

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  • A Wild Turkey from the Northern Nature Watch Area

    A wild turkey wanders through the tall grass at the Northern Nature Watch Area.

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  • South Welcome Station

    Lovely Bradford pear trees bloom in the spring, surrounding the South Welcome Station. The station has restrooms, vending machines and a gift shop and is available for backcountry permits and information on Land Between Lakes.

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  • A Look at the Stars at the Golden Pond Planetarium

    Seated visitors are taken through the galaxy from the comfort of the 84-seat Golden Pond Planetarium.

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  • A Family on the Shores of Cedar Pond

    Cedar Pond offers access to fishing, boating, and more as evidenced by the folks skipping stones and admiring nature at this reflective, autumn-draped pond.

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  • Snow on the Great Western Iron Furnace

    Snow outlines every block of the Great Western Furnace, which stands as one of the few remaining remnants of the area's former iron industry.

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  • The Annual Homeplace Wedding

    Visitors to the Homeplace are treated to an annual special event, the 1850s Homeplace Wedding, where costumed enactors bring the past to life.

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  • The Centerpiece of the Homeplace Living History Farm

    Wood fires warm the house as smoke flows from the chimneys of the double-pen 1850s log cabin at the Homeplace Living History Farm.

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  • Children Playing at the Brandon Spring Group

    A member of the Brandon Spring staff leads engaged school children through an environmental education game.

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  • North Welcome Station of Land Between Lakes

    The North Welcome Station, available for visitors entering the Land Between Lakes area from the north (Grand Rivers area), lies in the background while a sign marks the site in the foreground.

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  • Autumn Leaves in the Land Between the Lakes

    Changing autumn leaves are reflected in the calm waters of Pisgah Bay near the Woodlands Trace.

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  • Woodlands Trace Logo

    With a buffalo grazing on the grassy fields of the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, the Woodlands Trace logo promotes awareness of this national scenic byway.

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