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  • Cherokee Matriarch and Child at the Columns of the Original Cherokee Female Seminary

    A Cherokee Matriarch stands with a child amidst shadows of trees and columns. The Cherokee Female Seminary was the first and finest institution of higher learning for women west of the Mississippi River. Envision the Cherokee Elder teaching the child the importance of education for the Cherokee people today, just as it was in 1851.

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  • Cherokee Nation Tribal Complex

    The front of the Cherokee Nation Tribal Complex building displays the Cherokee Seal and the Cherokee Syllabary which spells Cherokee Nation.

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  • Trail of Tears Exhibit at the Cherokee National Museum

    With help from the National Parks Services, the Cherokee Heritage Center permanently houses an exhibit that explores the forced removal of the Cherokee people from their indigenous territory to the “Indian Territory”, present -day Oklahoma. The sculptures create an environment where the visitor walks alongside the Cherokees on their route from their homelands to the Indian Territory. The nine figures represent the variety of lifestyles and people that made this historic trek. The experience of being in the moment along side the Cherokee leaves an immeasurable effect on our visitors’ emotional understanding of the Trail of Tears.

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  • Tsa La Gi Ancient Village

    The Tsa La Gi Ancient Village is a re-creation of a traditional Cherokee village. Seen here is a shaded walkway winding through the village.

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  • Wayfinding Signage from Highway 51 to the Illinois River Recreation Area

    State wayfinding signage directs visitors from Highway 51 to the Illinois River Recreation Area on Scenic Highway 10.

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  • Cherokee Villager Weaving Traditional Baskets

    A Cherokee woman from the Tsa-La-Gi Ancient Village, dressed in buckskin clothing, sits on rocks near a stream weaving baskets. The water from the stream is used to keep the reeds moist as she weaves the baskets.

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  • Cherokee National Supreme Court Museum

    Blue clouds hover over the red brick Cherokee National Supreme Court Museum.

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  • Cherokee National Capitol Building

    Tall trees offer shade on the lawns of the red brick Cherokee National Capitol Building in Tahlequah, OK.

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  • Colorful Costumes of the Cherokee National Holiday Powwow

    Native Americans dressed in traditional costumes celebrate the Cherokee National Holiday at a powwow in Tahlequah, OK.

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  • Redbird Smith's General Store in Adams Corner Rural Village

    The General Store in the Adams Corner Rural Village stands on the grounds of the Cherokee Heritage Center, while a sign on top of the store states “Smith’s General Store Tsa La Gi Cherokee Nation, IT.” (The IT stands for Indian Territory.)

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  • Natural Falls, or "Dripping Springs"

    A 77-foot waterfall, known as "Dripping Springs" by the Cherokee, cascades through rock formations and creates a hidden, serene atmosphere at the bottom of a narrow V-shaped valley. Natural Falls was the setting for the movie “Where the Red Fern Grows”.

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  • Literature for the Cherokee Immersion School

    Pieces of literature in the Cherokee language are used in the Cherokee Immersion School, where all teaching is done in the Cherokee language.

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  • Miss Cherokee 2008 - 2009 in Cherokee National Holiday Parade

    Miss Cherokee Feather Smith waves as she rides in a bright red convertible in the Miss Cherokee National Holiday Parade, a favorite event of the Cherokee National Holiday celebration. She is wearing a traditional Cherokee tear dress and traditional beaded necklaces, while the driver is wearing a traditional ribbon shirt.

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  • Columns of the Original Cherokee Female Seminary

    A Cherokee Ancient Villager stands among the three columns of the original Cherokee Female Seminary. The tops of the columns still have the black from the fire that destroyed the Female Seminary.

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  • Inter Tribal Pow Wow

    A little Native American girl, dressed in full pow wow apparel, holds the hand of one of the lady elders, as many elders stand, dressed in full pow wow regalia such as brightly colored dresses with intricate beading. They are caring beautiful shawls and fans made of feathers. Each is adorned in hand-made Native American jewelry.

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  • Tahlonteeskee Cherokee Museum

    The reconstructed site of the original Tahlonteeskee Cherokee Museum stands against a pale sky. In addition to the Courthouse, there is also a Council House and a Log Cabin. The area served as the Capitol of the Cherokee Nation from 1828-1839.

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  • Traditional Game of Stickball Being Played

    A current-day game of traditional stickball is being played in an open field with rolling hills in the background. The male players are fiercely competing for the ball as it is up in the air. Although they are dressed in t-shirts and shorts, most still keep the traditional long hair pulled back in a pony tail.

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  • Cherokee Nation Youth Choir

    The Cherokee Nation Youth Choir performs for an audience. They are all dressed in the traditional clothing-- brightly colored, distinctly designed tear dresses for the girls, various colors of ribbon shirts for the boys, and moccasins for everyone. All of their songs are performed in the Cherokee language.

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  • Traditional Cherokee Artist

    Jane Osti is one of the Native American artists in the Tahlequah, Oklahoma area. She is surrounded by several of her large pottery pieces as well as one of her baskets.

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  • Cherokee Gentleman Cooking Traditional Food

    A typical hog fry is done on special occasions. Tradition continues today as a Cherokee man, dressed in jeans, a t-shirt, a cowboy hat, and a bandanna, is cooking pork in the big black kettles over an open fire.

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