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  • Reconstruction of Lincoln's Boyhood Home

    A split rail fence and a log cabin with red caulking recreate the past at Abraham Lincoln's Boyhood Home National Historic Site in Knob Creek, Kentucky.

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  • Shopping in Historic Bardstown

    A mother and daughter stroll down the brick sidewalks of Bardstown's historic downtown, looking for bargains in the unique stores.

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  • Abraham Lincoln Statue in Hodgenville

    Lincoln sits benignly gazing across the center of a roundabout. Unseen in this photo is what he is looking at -- a statue of Lincoln as a boy reading a book, which was erected in 2008.

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  • Abbey of Gethsemani

    Austere in a bath of sunlight, the Abbey of Gethsemani recalls the past.

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  • Abraham Lincoln Birthplace Memorial Building

    Tiers of steps lead to the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace Memorial Building, shooting out of the surrounding greens.

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  • Abraham Lincoln Museum

    The awning of the Abraham Lincoln Museum casts a soothing shadow over the front window panes.

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  • Adolph Weinman’s Abraham Lincoln Statue

    One of our nation's most beloved presidents, cast in bronze, sits before a historic church in Hodgenville.

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  • Bourbon Barrels in a Local Warehouse

    Rows of whiskey barrels line a long room in a warehouse at a bourbon distillery.

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  • Danville Constitution Square Statue

    Two statues clasp hands in this tribute to the Danville Consititution.

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  • Danville National Cemetery

    Rows of tombstones draw the eye to brilliant green trees and a vast blue sky at the Danville National Cemetery.

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  • Loretto Motherhouse Fall Color

    Trees burn yellow and gold on the grounds of the Loretto Motherhouse during the Kentucky fall as shadows leap along the grass.

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  • St. Joseph Cathedral

    The red brick of St. Joseph Cathedral blazes through the white columns of the facade.

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  • Jim Beam Distillery

    A bronze statue seems to be laughing in front of the Jim Beam Distillery as the sunshine rolls over him.

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