Connecticut State Route 169

National Scenic BywayConnecticut

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  • White Church with Steeple in Woodstock

    Green foliage makes the whiteness of this New England church even brighter.

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  • Pink Mansion on SR-169

    A graveled driveway leads up to a pink stone mansion in summer on SR-169.

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  • Yellow House on SR-169

    This yellow house along SR-169 offers a look at some of the architecture seen along the Byway.

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  • Leafy Lanes on SR-169

    An abundance of trees line SR-169 on the approach to North Woodstock.

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  • Neatly-laid Stone Wall alongside SR-169

    Relatively short stone walls border much of Connecticut State Route 169, allowing travelers to view the rolling green pastures often found on the other side.

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