Merritt Parkway

National Scenic BywayConnecticut

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  • A Beautiful Day on the Merritt Parkway

    The green forested hills of the Merritt Parkway create an inviting drive.

  • Park-Like Settings Found Along the Byway

    Park-like scenes like this one are enticing to drivers.

  • Overhanging Trees on the Merritt Parkway

    Overhanging branches of parkway trees create a natural atmosphere for a drive.

  • Driving through a Canopy of Green

    In this spot Merritt Parkway has trees on the road divider, so cars drive through a canopy of green.

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  • Yale University

    Students walk the courtyard near an impressively arched building at Yale University.

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  • Family Picnic at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center

    A family seated at a picnic table enjoys a scrumptious picnic at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center.

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  • Commuting on the Parkway

    Commuters can enjoy the lush landscape and fall colors on the Merritt Parkway.

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