Creole Nature Trail

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  • Pelicans and Seagulls on Dock Posts

    While visitors tread the docks, birds decide to perch on the posts.

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  • Different Ways of Life on the Creole Trail.

    Some make their living 'fishing' on the land.

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  • Catholic Church on the Byway

    A beautiful statue reaches out to visitors at one of the many churches along the byway, attesting to the area's religious history

  • Vermillion Flycatcher Against Blue Sky on the Creole Nature Trail

    The bright red plumage of the Vermillion Flycatcher stands out against a vivid blue sky on the Creole Nature Trail All-American Road.

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  • Gator Going for a Swim

    An alligator slides into the water from a reed-lined shore on the Creole Nature Trail.

  • Gator Walking Across Path

    A family gets close but not too close to an alligator crossing the path before them near the Creole Nature Trail.

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  • Grass Stretching to the Horizon

    Grass waves gently in the calming winds of the nature trail.

  • The Taste of Creole

    Freshly caught from the nearby Gulf of Mexico, seafood can be found in a variety of tasty dishes throughout Louisiana.

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  • Gray Plantation on the Audubon Golf Trail

    The placid waters of the Calcasieu waterway surround the Gray Plantation's 'signature hole.'

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  • Louisiana's Creole Nature Trail

    National Scenic Byways Program - Best Practices Photo

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  • Presenting Designation Plaque to Louisiana's Creole Nature Trail

    Louisiana's Creole Nature Trail delegation receives a designation plaque at the Designation 2002 event in Washington, DC.

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  • A Laid-back Meal in Louisiana

    A couple dines together inside a cafe or diner in Louisiana. Restaurants in Louisiana run from fine dining to down-home cafes and diners, but one thing they all have in common is great food.

  • Purple Gallinule on the Shore

    A Purple Gallinule, with its long legs and distinctive coloring, climbs a piece of driftwood along the shore of the Peveto Woods Sanctuary.

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  • Hooded Warbler Out on a Limb

    The Hooded Warbler's bright yellow plumage and distinctive black markings make it stand out clearly against the brush of the Peveto Woods Sanctuary.

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  • Vermillion Flycatcher on a Limb

    A Vermillion Flycatcher rests on a branch with the greenery of the Creole Nature Trail behind it.

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