Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway

National Scenic BywaySouth Dakota

Driving the Byway

  • From Custer, follow US Highway 16A east past Highway 89.
  • At SD Highway 87, turn left or continue straight on 16A. Highway 87 continues past a junction with US 385 to intersect with Highway 16A.
  • Follow Highway 16A to the right, past Mt. Rushmore.
  • Follow Highway 16A back to Custer, or take Highway 36 to Hermosa.
  • If you follow Highway 16A past Highway 87, stay on Highway 16A as it turns to the left and splits with Highway 36.
  • To continue around the loop, take SD Highway 87 at the junction just before Keystone, and follow Highway 87 back to Highway 16A.