Highland Scenic Highway

National Scenic BywayWest Virginia

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  • Autumn View of the Highland Scenic Highway

    The Highland Scenic Highway curves ahead through a forest touched by fall.

  • Country Store

    A piece of the country awaits visitors at this little country store located along a West Virginia backroad.

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  • Beartown State Park

    The walkway at Beartown State Park invites visitors to walk into the depths of the forest.

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  • Vista from Highland Scenic Highway

    Gently sloping hills and fields of grass in red and gold provide a stunning place to view the valley below.

  • Exploring a Bog in the Cranberry Wilderness

    A hiker gets an up-close look at unique bog ecosystems from the boardwalk.

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  • Lower Falls of Hill Creek

    At 63 feet, the lower falls is the second highest waterfall in West Virginia.

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