Millstone Valley Scenic Byway

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  • Horseback Riding Along the Towpath of the Delaware and Raritan Canal

    Two horseback riders stop to admire the peaceful waters of the towpath for the Delaware and Raritan Canal near Blackwells Mills.

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  • Stone Bridge in Kingston, New Jersey

    Between the green boughs reaching out from either bank of the D&R Canal lies the red locktender's station and an arched stone bridge spanning the waters.

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  • Gathered at Rockingham State Historic Site

    Physically relocated three times since 1896, Rockingham Historic Site remains a popular spot as evidenced by the diverse group of people gathered before the large white home amidst Autumnal trees.

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  • Griggstown Bridgetenders House

    A white fence runs through fallen leaves toward the stone Griggstown Bridgetenders House, which was one of the original locktenders houses constructed when the D&R Canal was built.

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  • Griggstown Lock

    An aerial view of the Griggstown Lock shows a rural farming landscape, a lock station, and an intact towpath.

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  • Millstone River

    A man paddles along in a yellow kayak on the Millstone River, which shaped the movement of troops during the Revolutionary War and later allowed for navigation and kayaking.

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