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  • Holcombe-Jimison Farmstead Museum

    Traditional farm equipment is displayed in front of a wooden barn at the Holcombe-Jimison Farmstead Museum to show how family farms once operated.

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  • Lumberville/Raven Rock Pedestrian Bridge

    A scenic view of the Roebling Pedestrian Bridge at Lumberville/Raven Rock captures the beauty of the Delaware River and the Delaware River Scenic Byway. Roebling, who went on to build the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, built this modern steel suspension bridge that sits on top of original 1855 stone abutments.

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  • The D&R Canal, Washington's Crossing and the Delaware River

    Parallel ribbons of history can be seen - the Delaware and Raritan Canal with its multiuse path and historic buildings (such as the Ferry House used during the Christmas morning crossing of George Washington) and the calming flow of the Delaware River. Nearby Pennsylvania can be seen in the background, connected by a historic bridge.

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  • Lambertville Historic District

    The Italianate 3-story red brick building, accented by blue and cream trim, is found within downtown Lambertville and now serves as one of the many shops in Lambertville’s historic district.

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  • Bikers Along the Delaware and Raritan Canal

    Two bikers enjoy a peaceful ride down the still Delaware and Raritan Canal Tow Path.

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  • Biking Past Prallsville Mills

    Two bikers pedal past Prallsvill Mills, nestled in trees next to a little stream.

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  • Prallsville Mills

    Historic buildings, much like Prallsville Mills, are commonplace along the Delaware River Scenic Byway.

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  • Historic New Jersey Home

    An old wooden fence and stone water well surround this historic New Jersey house, just north of Stockton.

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  • Bridge View from the Wild and Scenic Delaware River

    Travel the Delaware River Scenic Byway corridor via boat down the Wild and Scenic Delaware River where you can pass under historic bridges while paddling past beautiful greenways.

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  • Delaware and Raritan Canal

    A picturesque view of the Delaware & Raritan Canal in Lambertville, NJ, shows off the green trees on one side and the canal towpath following the canal behind trees and a few older buildings on the other side.

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  • William Trent House Museum

    The 18th-century William Trent House Museum, carefully preserved inside and out, illustrates an earlier time. The building is surrounded by green grass and a red brick walkway leading up to its doors. The stately red brick structure has large, single-pane white-trimmed windows, a large chimney, and a top floor glass lookout.

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  • Downtown Frenchtown Street

    At the base of Victorian-style buildings and a large tree covered with ivy lie brick pavers and blooming potted flowers of mums and pumpkins along a road in Frenchtown.

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  • Annual Christmas Crossing Reenactment

    Durham boats full of colonial soldiers wait in the waters of the Delaware River on Christmas morning, while General George Washington contemplates the surprise attack on the Hessian’s encampment at Trenton during the reenactment.

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  • Prallsville Mill View from the Delaware River

    The Prallsville Mill historic gristmill and grain silo with the old Bel-Del rail line stands across from Delaware River and highlights the rural agricultural character of the region. It is a view that has stayed much the same for more than a century.

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  • Signs of Autumn at the Howell Living Farm

    A panoramic view of the 18th-century Howell Living Farm shows the historic farm buildings set before a fall foliage-covered mountain range, a sight that has stayed the same for many generations.

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  • Patriots Week Reenactment

    A line of continental re-enactors fire a round at Trenton Battle Monument Square before the Trenton Battle Monument, which commemorates the Colonial victory of the Battle of Trenton.

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  • South River Walk Park

    With its wide brick paver walkway and arches, the award-winning South River Walk Park tells the story of Trenton’s history both through the materials used and through extensive engraved inscriptions on plaques and pavers located throughout the park that cover centuries of history.

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  • Path to Ellarslie Museum

    Ellarslie, a gray and brown Italianate villa with nicely landscaped summer-green shrubs and flowers, was built in 1848 for Henry McCall Sr. of Philadelphia as a summer residence.

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  • Howell Living Farm Sign on Route 29

    Route 29 affords a view of a sign for Howell Living Farm by signs for Route 29.

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  • Delaware River Scenic Byway Logo

    The byway logo has the outline of the Trenton capitol complex in the foreground followed by a sketch of the Delaware River, D&R Canal and Route 29 flowing upward into a rural skyline with a historic bridge crossing over the River.

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  • Fife and Drum at Old Barracks

    The Fife and Drum Corps, composed of young boys dressed in brightly colored formal period dress, play their instruments within the open courtyard of the Old Barracks, the last remaining structure of its kind and a center for America’s early history.

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