Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway

National Scenic BywayColorado, Utah

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  • Cleveland-Lloyd Allosaur Mount

    The small but information-packed visitor center at the BLM-managed Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry is dominated by a juvenile example of the 44 allosaurs who left their bones in this deposit. Many real bones are available for the visitors to touch and heft at this visitor center.

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  • Red Fleet

    Three giant red sandstone outcroppings jut up from the landscape, giving the appearance of a fleet of battle ships.

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  • Mike the Headless Chicken Statue in Fruita

    An ironwork statue of Mike the Headless Chicken struts its stuff in Mike's hometown of Fruita, Colorado.

  • The Prominent Pinnacles of Fisher Towers

    The prominent pinnacles of Fisher Towers stand out over the sagebrush fields north of Castle Valley, Utah

  • Dinosaur National Monument Visitor Center in Vernal

    Visitor reads about the colored dinosaur outside the Dinosaur National Monument Visitor Center.

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  • Park Avenue in Arches National Park in Utah

    Park Avenue at Arches N.P. with dark gray storm clouds rising behind and sunlight strong on the formations.

  • Fisher Towers Near Moab

    Twilight settles over the Fisher Towers.

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  • Independence Rock in Colorado National Monument

    Independence Rock stands in magnificient splendor in Colorado National Monument.

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  • La Sal Mountains from Hwy. 128

    The snow-covered peaks form a stark contrast to the closer red rock formations off of Hwy. 128.

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  • Mesa Arch

    The oft-photographed Mesa Arch frames in the rugged landscape of Canyonlands National Park.

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  • Riggs Hill Near Grand Junction, CO

    Riggs Hill bares the skeleton of an ancient dinosaur.

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  • Pictographs in Thompson Canyon

    Pictographs adorn the walls of Thompson Canyon

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  • Rock Art in Canyon Pintado

    Cryptic rock art leads one to speculate about the message left for others, long ago.

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  • Ice on the Colorado River

    Near Big Bend Recreation Area on SR-128, golden bluffs rise above the icy waters of the Colorado River.

  • Manti-La Sal National Forest

    Wisps of clouds overlook the striking contrasts of green fields speckled with beautiful purple and blue wildflowers in the Manti-La Sal National Forest.

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  • Flowering Prickly Pear

    A prickly pear cactus flowers in yellow and pink in the Uintah Basin desert near Roosevelt, UT.

  • The Huntington Mammoth

    The Huntington Mammoth is on display at the College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum in Price.

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  • Looking Down from Douglas Pass

    The byway winds back down Douglas Pass.

  • Hikers and Bikers Both Enjoy the Slickrock Trail

    Hikers and bikers both enjoy the Slickrock Trail, despite threatening storm clouds from the north

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