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  • Plattsburgh's Amtrak Station

    Amtrak's "Adirondack" provides service to the entire Byway corridor and runs by many scenic and historic sites, such as Plattsburgh's City Hall and Macdonnough Monument, as it pulls into the station.

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  • NYS RT 22 Roadway

    NYS RT 22 is a fine example of the roadway that makes driving the Byway a wonderful experience.

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  • Cook Mountain Lookout

    Lake Champlain and Lake George created a waterway that carried early explorers, fur traders, and colonial armies.

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  • Collecting Maple Sap

    The spring time is ushered in with "sugar season." Visitors should watch the woods along the byway as nearly every sugarbush is tapped for sap collection. Nearby communities provide opportunities for visitors to attend a sugar-on-snow party - maple sugar on crushed ice with a dill pickle!

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  • Birder looking over the Lake Champlain Birding Trail

    An intent birder stops in a field to focus in on a bird on the Lake Champlain Birding Trail.

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  • Ticonderoga Heritage Museum

    The famous red-brick Ticonderoga Heritage Museum sits in contrast to the rolling green hills and rain-slick roads.

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  • Ticonderoga Heritage Museum in Winter

    The historic Ticonderoga Heritage Museum rests under a blanket of snow.

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