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  • The Glenn in the Talkeetnas

    Fall colors greet tourists as they descend into Sutton.

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  • Aerial of Knik River Valley

    This shows the proximity of the Chugach Mountains and Pioneer Peak to the Glenn Highway as you enter the Matanuska Susitna Borough at Mile 30 of the Glenn Highway. The New Glenn Highway is in the foreground followed by the Alaska Railroad Bridge. The Old Glenn Highway or Palmer Alternate, a 19 mile scenic drive, can be seen in the middle right at the base of the mountains.

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  • King Mountain and Long Lake

    King Mountain looms in the background as the Glenn Highway snakes towards the west.

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  • Long Lake State Park

    Fall colors abound at Long Lake State Park at Mile 84 of the Glenn Highway.

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  • Palmer Hay Flats

    This is the view as you travel toward Anchorage from Palmer. Pioneer Peak is to the left with Twin Peaks to the right. The "Ghost Forest" is shown in the foreground. These trees are from the subsidence that occurred in the area as a result of the Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964 that registered greater than 9.0 on the Richter Scale.

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  • Palmer Depot with a Narrow Guage Locomotive

    Palmer is the heart of agriculture in Alaska. It is the home of the Alaska State Fair, giant vegetables, and beautiful gardens.

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  • Alaska's Matanuska Glacier

    The Matanuska Glacier is the river of ice that made it all.

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