International Selkirk Loop

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  • Snowshoeing on the International Selkirk Loop

    A couple snowshoes in the snow on the International Selkirk Loop.

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  • McDowell Lake

    Mountain vegetation casts its reflection on the inviting waters of McDowell Lake.

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  • Albeni Falls Dam

    Visitors enjoy a pleasant day along Albeni Falls Dam.

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  • Creston Wildlife Refuge

    An interpretive sign informs travelers about the value of wetland ecosystems.

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  • Box Canyon Dam

    Deep blue waters stand out among dense forests and peaks near the International Selkirk Loop.

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  • Hiking Near the Loop

    A hiker crosses a wooden bridge while exploring the area around the International Selkirk Loop.

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  • Kokanee Creek Sunbathing

    A family relaxes on Kokanee Creek Provincial Park's famous sandy beach.

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  • LeClerc Creek Lavenders

    Deep purple lavender flowers add color to the already eye-pleasing landscape of LeClerc Creek.

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  • Lions Club Train

    The Lions Club train takes visitors around Lake Pend Oreille.

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  • Little Pend Oreille Wildlife Refuge

    Home to protected wildlife, this deep forested landscape seems to stretch on forever.

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  • Kokanee Springs Golf Resort

    The light green of the Kokanee Springs Golf Resort contrasts with dark green pines and the blue of the mountains and a shimmering lake.

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  • Downtown Nelson

    Historic buildings and a relaxed atmosphere invite sidewalk strolling on this pleasant day in Nelson.

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  • Riding the Ferry

    The Osprey makes a regular trip across the waters of Kootenay Lake.

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  • PeeWee Falls at Metaline

    The waters of the PeeWee falls cascade over a sheer cliff into Pend Oreille River.

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  • Autumn on Pend Oreille River

    Fall foliage contrasts with the deep blues and dark greens of Pend Oreille River and the surrounding conifers.

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  • Sandpoint Along Water's Edge

    A pleasant summer day invites Sandpoint visitors to play in the cool waters of Lake Pend Oreille.

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  • Bonners Ferry Along Kootenai River

    The town of Bonners Ferry lies between dense conifer forests and the waters of Kootenai River.

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  • Albeni Cove

    Waves crash on the shore of Albeni Cove on the Pend Oreille River.

  • Summer Evening at Priest River

    Mountains make a black silouhette against a brightly painted sky as the sun sets at Priest River.

  • An Elusive Caribou in the Selkirk Mountains

    Woodland caribou (rangifer tarandus), such as the one seen here in the Selkirk Mountains, are the most endangered mammal in the lower 48 states.

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  • Baby Boomers Rediscovering their Youth on the Loop

    Two motocyclists zoom along the The International Selkirk Loop. The Loop was named 'The West's Best New Scenic Drive' (Sunset Magazine) and motorcyclists love its uncrowded highways.

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  • Snowmobiling in the Selkirks

    Snowmobilers enjoy the powder on a trail overlooking beautiful Priest Lake, Idaho. The International Selkirk Loop offers hundreds of miles of groomed snowmobile trails in Washington, Idaho and British Columbia, along with thousands of acres of ungroomed powder playground.

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  • Sunset Over Cavanaugh Bay

    Warm pinks are reflected in the waters of Cavanaugh Bay, framed by the dark silhouette of trees. The bay is located on Priest Lake, Idaho's "Crown Jewel."

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  • The Majestic SS Moyie on the Kootenai River

    The majestic SS Moyie, seen here, was built in 1898 and served communities along the Kootenai River and Kootenay Lake for almost 60 years. It is now North America's oldest restored sternwheeler, and is open daily throughout the summer for tours at its dock in Kaslo, BC.

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  • Hidden Lakes Golf Resort, Sandpoint

    Golfers play amid bright autumn colors at Hidden Lakes Golf Resort near Sandpoint, Idaho.

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  • Mountain Biking on Schweitzer Mountain, Sandpoint

    Mountain bikers take in a panoramic view of Lake Pend Oreille and the Selkirk Mountains at Schweitzer Mountain Resort, the largest ski and summer resort in the Inland Northwest. Scenic chairlift rides and mountain biking trails offer summer fun.

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  • Kootenay Lake Free Ferry, BC

    The Kootenay Lake free ferry is located at the northern end of the International Selkirk Loop. Two ferry boats are part of the Canadian Highway System, and provide a scenic 35-minute ride across the Lake. The ferries run about every one to one and a half hours, and can carry any size vehicle or RV.

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  • Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge

    Moose wade in shallow waters at the 2,774-acre Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge, located five miles west of Bonners Ferry, Idaho. The refuge provides resting and feeding habitat for many birds and other animals like these moose.

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  • Hiking in the Selkirk Mountains

    Two hikers enjoy a breathtaking view high in the wild Selkirk Mountains. The mountains offer hundreds of miles of hiking trails for all levels of ability. Some trails provide interpretation, and even wheelchair access. The International Selkirk Loop route includes many access points to trailheads in Washington, Idaho and British Columbia, where visitors can enjoy spectacular scenery with no crowds - unless you count the wildlife!

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  • Pee Wee Falls Near Boundary Dam

    White waters rush over rugged stone at Pee Wee Falls. The thundering, 200-foot high falls are a highlight of a visit to Boundary Dam in northeastern Washington.

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  • Reflections on Sullivan Lake

    Mountains and sky are reflected in the pristine waters of Sullivan Lake. Located east of Metaline Falls, Washington, the lake offers fishing, boating, picnicking, camping, and hiking trails with interpretation and stunning views of both the lake and Selkirk Mountains.

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  • Roman Nose Lakes near Bonners Ferry

    A hiker takes a break on a high clifftop over looking the Roman Nose Lakes. High mountain lakes in the magnificent Selkirk Mountains, the Roman Nose Lakes are a great place for hiking, picnicking and rustic camping.

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  • Boating on Crawford Bay, BC

    Boaters enjoy a day on Crawford Bay which lies at the northernmost point of the International Selkirk Loop. The beautiful bay is a haven for recreationists, with stunning views of nearby Kokanee Glacier. The town of Crawford Bay, BC, features art galleries and craft shops specializing in ancient and timeless traditions like broom making and glass blowing.

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  • River Pigs Wrangling a Log Jam

    River Pigs, the name for logging wranglers who floated logs down the rivers to the sawmills, unjam a log jam near Priest River and recapture stray logs for processing in this historic black and white photo.

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  • Beautiful Views in the Selkirks

    A snowmobiler pauses to catch the views found when snowmobiling in the Selkirk Mountains. Snow covered mountains are in the distance.

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  • Snowmobiling the Selkirks

    A couple stops to pose after snowmobiling in the Selkirks.

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  • Priest Lake From a Bird's Eye View in Winter

    Snowmobilers can catch a bird's eye view of Priest Lake on the many trails in the Selkirk Mountains.

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  • Cyclists along Kootenay Lake

    Two cyclists take a break to enjoy the beauty of Kootenay Lake.

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  • Cycling in Bonners Ferry

    Bikers stop for a snap-shot in Bonners Ferry.

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  • Biking along Priest Lake

    A road biker zooms past Priest Lake, a crystal-blue highlight near the International Selkirk Loop.

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  • Patroller Overlooking Lake Pend Oreille

    A Ski Patrol member pauses to take in the view of Lake Pend Oreille and Sandpoint, Idaho, from a steep mountainside at Schweitzer Ski Resort.

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  • Skiing under a Blue Sky at Schweitzer

    A skier carves his way down the snowy slopes of Schweitzer Ski Resort under a clear blue sky.

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  • Hiking at Valhalla Drinnon Lake, BC

    Valhalla Drinnon Lake is located north of Nelson, BC in Valhalla Provincial Park. Access is by water taxi across Slocan Lake to a trail at lake level, or via the village of Slocan and then on rough gravel roads into the interior of the park. This is a place for serious backcountry adventures.

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  • 2,000-Year-Old Giant Cedars on the International Selkirk Loop

    2,000 year old cedar trees dwarf three enthusiastic mountain bikers. Aside from the magnificent ancient cedar trees, hiking and mountain biking in the Selkirk Mountains offers opportunities to see sparkling waterfalls, high mountain lakes and prolific wildlife. In late summer, famous huckleberries are plentiful, and mushroom hunters find 450 varieties in the Selkirks.

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  • Historic Museum, Centennial Plaza & Visitor Center, Newport

    The Pend Oreille County Historical Museum and Newport/Oldtown Chamber of Commerce are located in an historic train deport adjacent to Centennial Plaza in downtown Newport.

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  • ISL Community Wayfinding Sign

    International Selkirk Loop community signs like this one are used for wayfinding at the entrances to Loop communities. Loop logo signs also are used at major highway junctions and key locations for traveler guidance.

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  • Historic Downtown Nelson, BC

    Nelson is located on the west arm shore of Kootenay Lake. Named the number one small arts town in Canada and number four in North America, its storybook charm comes to life in its vibrant downtown. Historic Baker Street is lined with shops and sidewalk cafes, and offers guided walking tours to more than 350 heritage buildings. Nelson is the hub of all things outdoors because of its lakeside location, surrounded by the snowcapped peaks of the Selkirk Mountains. Other highlights include Lakeside Park, the Nelson Museum, David Thompson Cultural Centre, Aquatic Centre, and nearby electric tramway.

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  • Pend Oreille Valley Lavender Festival, Cusick

    Visitors participate in a workshop at the Pend Oreille Valley Lavendar Festival in mid-July. The festival celebrates locally-grown lavender on a 100-year-old homestead near Cusick, Washington.

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  • Fishing on the International Selkirk Loop

    A fisherman tries his luck at one of the many crystal clear lakes and rivers along the International Selkirk Loop known for their excellent fishing. Anglers find monster rainbow trout, mackinaw, dolly varden, cutthroat and kokanee.

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  • Skiing at 49 Degrees North

    A brightly garbed skier glides down a well-groomed run at 49 Degrees North ski resort.

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  • Snowy Day Snowmobiling

    Snowmobilers ride their sleds on a forest trail on a snowy day. Beautiful snow-covered trees can be seen in the distance.

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