Connecticut River Byway

National Scenic BywayMassachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont

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  • White River Junction Waypoint Center

    Old #494, a restored steam engine, rests outside the White River Waypoint Center and New England Transportation Museum.

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  • Constitution House

    Visitors relax on the front porch of Constitution House in Windsor, Vermont where the first Constitution of Vermont was signed in 1777.

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  • The Brick Store

    The patriotic front facade of The Brick Store in Bath, New Hampshire, shows off the oldest continually operating country store in the nation.

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  • Fairbanks Museum

    Bricked arches make up the front elevation of the Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium in St. Johnsbury, Vermont.

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  • Littleton Grist Mill

    This side view of the restored 1797 Littleton Grist Mill shows a stream and water wheel in the foreground.

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  • New Waypoint Center Signage

    Connecticut River Byway signage at the new Bellows Falls Waypoint Center lets visitors know exactly where they are.

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  • Exploring the Past - Valley Quest

    Children research 200-year old slate headstones in a local cemetery with classic New England stone walls in the background.

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  • Moore Reservoir

    The land is patched with shades of green at Moore Dam and reservoir above Fifteen Mile Falls.

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  • Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge

    The Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge, the longest two-lane covered bridge in the nation, blends in with the stunning scenery along Connecticut River.

  • Harlow's Farm Stand in Westminster, Vermont

    Pumpkins, squash, onions, and other harvest produce are abundant in autumn at Harlow's Farm Stand in Westminster, Vermont.

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  • Haverhill Corner Historic District

    The National Historic Marker set on the green of the Haverhill Corner Historic District tells passers-by of the history of this point of interest.

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  • Connecticut River Byway from Mount Sugarloaf

    From Mount Sugarloaf, the Connecticut River Byway can be seen in fall glory.

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  • Porter-Phelps-Huntington House

    The white facade of the Porter-Phelps-Huntington House Museum, bares a stark contrast to the bright green lawn and brown shrubs of autumn.