Great Lakes Seaway Trail

National Scenic BywayNew York, Pennsylvania

Driving the Byway

Pennsylvania Section

The Great Lakes Seaway Trail begins at the Ohio/Pennsylvania border on US Route 20.

Ohio/Pennsylvania Border to Presque Isle, PA

  • Follow US 20 east 1.5 miles to the junction of PA Route 5.
  • Make a left turn onto PA 5 and proceed northeasterly 19 miles to the (signalized) multi-leg intersection at Asbury Road and PA ALT 5 (West Lake Road); (the Erie International Airport is ahead to the right.)
  • Veer left onto ALT 5/West Lake Road and proceed 2.5 miles to the (signalized) multi-leg intersection at Waldameer Drive (entrance to Waldameer Park) and West 6th Street.
  • Veer left onto West 6th Street and proceed .25 mile to the (signalized) intersection of PA 832 (Peninsula Drive.)
  • Continue straight to follow the primary route on West 6th Street or turn left onto the spur route to Presque Isle. The spur route continues around the perimeter of Presque Isle in a 14 mile loop, returning back to the primary route.

Presque Isle, PA to Pennsylvania/New York Border

  • The primary route continues easterly on West 6th Street 1.75 miles to the intersection of Shawnee Drive and entrance of Frontier Park area.
  • Veer left at the stop sign, continuing .5 mile on West 6th Street around the northern perimeter of Frontier Park, passing over the Bayfront Parkway, to the (signalized) intersection at Cranberry Street.
  • Turn left and proceed .25 mile to the Bayfront Parkway, turn right and follow the Bayfront Parkway 3 miles to the (signalized) intersection of East 6th Street.
  • Turn left and follow East 6th Street 0.25 miles to the (signalized) intersection of East Avenue.
  • Proceed straight onto East Lake Road 1.5 miles to the (signalized) intersection of Franklin Avenue (junction with PA 5.)
  • Continue straight on East Lake Road (now also PA 5) .75 miles to the (signalized) multi-leg intersection of Water Street and PA 955 (Iroquois Avenue.)
  • Veer left, remaining on PA 5, and continue northeasterly 16 miles to the NY border.

New York Section

The New York section of the Great Lakes Seaway Trail begins in the town of Ripley.

Pennsylvania State Line to Buffalo, NY

  • Begin at the Pennsylvania-New York state line in the Town of Ripley.
  • Follow State Route 5 (Lake Road) in a northeast direction 36.5 miles to the Village of Silver Creek.
  • Continue on State Route 5 (Central Avenue) 0.6 miles into Silver Creek, where Route 5 turns left onto Howard Avenue.
  • Follow Howard Avenue / State Route 5 for 1.2 miles to where it merges with State Route 20.
  • Merged State Routes 5 and 20 continue 2.9 miles across Cattaraugus Creek, where State Route 5 continues to the left.
  • Continue on State Route 5, 0.7 mile to Old Lake Shore Road.
  • Turn left onto Old Lake Shore Road and follow it to the Town of Brant line. At this point the Town road becomes known as Lake Shore Road.
  • After 8 miles, Lake Shore Road turns left and continues 5 miles to the Hamburg Town line. In the Town of Hamburg, the town road is known as Old Lake Shore Road for 3.2 miles.
  • At the intersection with State Route 5, turn left and follow State Route 5 for 6.4 miles to the City of Lackawanna.

Buffalo, NY to Niagara Falls, NY

  • Continue on State Route 5 (also known as Hamburg Road) through Lackawanna, to the City of Buffalo, and across the Buffalo River and Harbor Channel (where State Route 5 is also known as the Buffalo Skyway) another 3.2 miles to the Delaware Avenue exit.
  • The Great Lakes Seaway Trail proceeds on Delaware Avenue 0.3 miles to Niagara Square in the City of Buffalo, and then goes around the square (past Buffalo City Hall) to Niagara Street.
  • Follow Niagara Street 3.4 miles to a “Y” and bear left still on Niagara Street (State Route 266) to the Town of Tonawanda.
  • After the town line State Route 266 is known as River Road for the next 4.3 miles to the City of Tonawanda.
  • In the City of Tonawanda, follow State Route 266 (also called Niagara Street) to its intersection with Seymour Street in Tonawanda.
  • Turn left on Seymour Street and cross the bridge over the Erie Canal into the City of North Tonawanda and follow State Route 265 known as River Road.
  • Follow River Road 5.3 miles to the City of Niagara Falls where the name changes to Buffalo Avenue.
  • Follow Buffalo Avenue 2.5 miles to the entrance to Robert Moses State Parkway.
  • Turn left onto the westbound lanes and continue 3.3 miles until the Parkway reaches the John Daly Blvd exit in the city of Niagara Falls.
  • Exit right onto John Daly Blvd for 0.2 miles to State Route 384.

Niagara Falls, NY to Rochester, NY

  • Turn left and continue north on State Route 384 for 0.8 miles towards the Rainbow Bridge in the City of Niagara Falls.
  • Turn right onto Main Street, State Route 104 east.
  • At 1 mile the route jogs to the left and continues to follow State Route 104 (also known as the Lewiston Road) 5.5 miles to the Village of Lewiston where it intersects with State Route 18F (Center Street).
  • Turn left on Center Street and proceed through Lewiston for 0.8 miles to 4th Street.
  • Turn right on 4th Street for 0.2 miles, then left onto Oneida Street for 0.1 mile.
  • Turn right and continue on State Route 18F (Lower River Road) for 4.4 miles to the Village of Youngstown.
  • In Youngstown, State Route 18F (Main Street) continues 1.3 miles to Scott Avenue.
  • Turn right on Scott Avenue (18F) for 0.6 mile to the intersection with Lake Road.
  • Turn right to continue on State Route 18F for 2.7 miles (cross the Robert Moses Parkway) to the intersection with State Route 18 (Lake Road).
  • Turn left onto Lake Road (State Route 18) and continue 9.3 miles to the Village of Wilson.
  • Continue through the Village 1.1 mile on State Route 18 (locally called Harbor Street and Ontario Street).
  • Follow State Route 18 (Lake Road) 3.9 miles through the Village of Olcott, and east another 26.1 miles to the entrance to the Lake Ontario State Parkway. (Note: commercial traffic is not allowed on the Parkway; in addition there are several low-clearance bridges. Recreational vehicles and other vehicles requiring greater clearance should follow State Route 18 approximately 35 miles to where it intersects the byway at Stutson Street in the City of Rochester.)

Rochester, NY to Oswego, NY

  • Turn left onto the on-ramp (0.2 mile) and merge onto the Lake Ontario State Parkway heading east towards Rochester. The Parkway ends (34.8 miles) on Stutson Street.
  • Continue on Stutson Street 0.7 mile across the bridge over the Genesee River where the name changes to Pattonwood Drive.
  • Continue 0.6 mile and turn right onto Saint Paul Boulevard (0.1 mile), then left onto Lake Shore Boulevard. Lake Shore Boulevard becomes Pine Valley Road at 2.4 miles, and then Sweet Fern Road after 0.3 mile.
  • Continue 0.5 mile to Culver Road and turn right onto Culver.
  • Where Culver Road meets Empire Boulevard (3.8 miles) turn left onto State Route 404 (Empire Boulevard).
  • Follow State Route 404 across Irondequoit Bay 3.4 miles to Bay Road.
  • Turn left onto Bay Road and after 3.7 miles, turn right onto Lake Road.
  • Follow Lake Road (Wayne County Route 101) through the community of Pultneyville and continue 27.9 miles to the Village of Sodus Point.
  • In Sodus Point, the route turns right (south) onto Ontario Street (State Route 14) for 4.5 miles to Alton, where it intersects Ridge Road.
  • Turn left onto Ridge Road (County Route 143) and go 8.1 miles to the Village of Wolcott.
  • Continue through the village on Main Street (0.7 mile) to Mill Street.
  • Turn left onto Mill Street (County Route 163) and continue 3.8 miles (crossing State Route 104) to the junction with State Route 370.
  • Turn left onto State Route 370 for 0.7 miles to the intersection with State Route 104.
  • Cross State Route 104 to follow State Route 104A for 0.7 mile to the Village of Red Creek.
  • Continue on 104A (Water Street) into Red Creek, and turn left (0.6 mile) onto Main Street (still State Route 104A).
  • Continue on State Route 104-A going north 4.6 miles to the Village of Fair Haven.
  • Continue through Sterling 11.5 miles to the junction with State Route 104.
  • Turn left onto State Route 104 and proceed 4.2 miles into the City of Oswego. In Oswego, State Route 104 turns right and is known as Bridge Street.

Oswego, NY to Limerick, NY (west of Watertown)

  • Continue through Oswego and Scriba 10.2 miles to a left turn onto State Route 104-B.
  • Proceed north through the community of Texas. *When State Route 104-B ends (6.1 miles) you will angle left onto State Route 3 heading north through Port Ontario.
  • Continue on State Route 3 for 36.7 miles to the flashing light at the corner of State Route 180 and turn left.
  • Go 5.2 miles through the Village of Dexter to the light at intersection of State Route 12-E in Limerick.

Limerick, NY to Ogdensburg, NY

  • Turn left onto State Route 12-E and continue through the Village of Chaumont 16.9 miles to the Village of Cape Vincent.
  • Turn right at the stop sign and proceed 15 miles to the Village of Clayton where State Route 12-E connects with State Route 12 going north.
  • Follow State Route 12 north 35.1 miles through Alexandria Bay, Chippewa Bay and Oak Point to the junction with State Route 37.
  • Proceed north on State Route 37 for 9.5 miles towards the City of Ogdensburg to State Route 68.

Ogdensburg, NY to Massena, NY

  • Turn left onto the downtown arterial (State Route 68) and continue 2 miles to State Street.
  • Turn left onto State Street for 0.2 mile then turn right onto Washington Street.
  • Follow Washington Street 0.9 mile to Rossell Street and turn right for 1 block.
  • Turn left onto Ford Street and continue 0.6 miles to Proctor Avenue.
  • Turn left onto Proctor Avenue for 0.9 miles to State Route 812.
  • Turn right on State Route 812 for 0.2 mile to State Route 37 and turn left (north).
  • Continue on State Route 37, through the Village of Waddington to just past Louisville Corner (26.1 miles) where you turn left onto State Route 131 and continue past Massena.

Massena, NY to Rooseveltown, NY

  • Proceed 10.8 miles to a tee with Barnhart Island Road where you will turn right following State Route 131 for 1.7 miles to State Route 37.
  • Turn left onto State Route 37 and continue 5.3 miles to the northern terminus, at Rooseveltown.