Great Lakes Seaway Trail

National Scenic BywayNew York, Pennsylvania

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  • The Lighthouse at Old Fort Niagara

    This beautiful stone lighthouse is just one of the sights to see at Old Fort Niagara.

  • Old Fort Niagara

    Old Fort Niagara provides a look at history on the Great Lakes Seaway Trail.

  • Maid of the Mist

    The most famous Niagara Falls tour boat, The Maid of the Mist, sails against the misty curtain of cascading water.

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  • British Firing at Old Fort Niagara

    Byway visitors peer through cannon smoke, as actors portray British troops during a re-enactment of Fort Niagara's military history.

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  • The Bronco Buster

    This wild sculpture by Frederic Remington is part of a large collection in the Frederic Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg.

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  • Buffalo And Erie County Historical Center

    The white pillars of the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society reflect in the pool below. The society's 100,000 artifacts explore the ethnic and cultural heritage of western New York.

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  • Chimney Bluffs

    Shaped by the last ice age and surrounded by Lake Ontario, the Chimney Bluffs rise from the lake shore in waves of red stone.

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  • Cobblestone Society Museum

    The Cobblestone Society Musem preserves the cobblestone architecture style of historic New York. The only cobblestone museum in the world, it exhibits the art of cobblestone construction.

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  • George Eastman House

    Home of George Eastman, founder of the Eastman Kodak Company. The George Eastman House is one of the foremost photography museums in the world.

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  • Sodus Point Lighthouse

    The white tower of the Sodus Bay Lighthouse stands among the trees.

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  • Carp Fishing

    This young angler fights with a carp along the banks of the St. Lawrence River. The St. Lawrence River is internationally renowned for its gigantic carp.

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  • Hall of Philosophy at Chautaqua Institution

    White Roman pillars support the Hall of Philosophy, which is part of the Chautaqua Institution. Chautaqua is one of the world's premier arts and cultural centers.

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  • Lake Erie's Grapes

    The microclimate along the shore of Lake Erie allows the region to produce the most Concord grapes in the world. The area is home to numerous vineyards and the Welch's corporation.

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  • Jousting at the Sterling Renaissance Festival

    Two knights on armored chargers attempt to unseat one another in this jousting expostion at the Sterling Renaissance Festival.

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  • The Brig in Port

    The US Brig Niagara, flagship of the State of Pennsylvania, docks at her homeport, the Erie Maritime Museum. The ship is a replica of Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry's flagship in the War of 1812's Battle of Lake Erie. When she is in port, tours of the ship are included in admission to the Erie Maritime Museum.

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  • Presque Isle State Park

    This aerial view of Presque Isle State Park demonstrates the pristine beauty of the park. The photo is taken from the northeast and shows Gull Point in the foreground.

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  • Sunset at Sackets Harbor Battleground

    A red sunset at Sackets Harbor Battleground represents the many valiant lives that have been lost in pursuit of liberty.

  • Driving Along the Great Lakes Seaway Trail North of Cape Vincent

    A car drives along the Great Lakes Seaway Trail north of Cape Vincent.

  • Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse on the Great Lakes Seaway Trail

    Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse exemplifies the historic architecture of the Great Lakes Seaway Trail.

  • Flyfishing at Elk Creek

    Fishing is big in Pennsylvania, really big. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission stocks a million steelhead in the fishery every year; brown trout are also stocked. Here, anglers spend a quiet day on the water at the Elk Creek Access Area.

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  • Presque Isle Kite Flying

    Beautiful and colorful flags, windsocks, and kites flow in the breeze on a sandy beach on Presque Isle State Park.

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  • North Pier Light

    The North Pier Lighthouse, one of three historic lighthouses on the Great Lakes Seaway Trail in Pennsylvania, stands as a safe haven on a cloudy day.

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  • Labyrinth at LEAF

    Two young children play on the labyrinth at the Lake Erie Arboretum at Frontier Park.

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  • Cornucopia

    The bounty of the season is displayed on the Great Lakes Seaway Trail in Pennsylvania. Fall is harvest season and grapes, apples, and pumpkins crowd farm markets and roadside stands. Fruits and vegetables are available all season long on the Great Lakes Seaway Trail in Pennsylvania, beginning in June with strawberries and continuing through the autumn.

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  • Bicentennial Tower in Fireworks

    Bicentennial Tower on Dobbins Landing on the Erie waterfront is framed by fireworks. The observation deck on Bicentennial Tower is 187 feet off the ground. The view is spectacular and interpretive panels help set the context for visitors' experiences.

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  • Farm Fresh Goodness

    Marge and Ralph sell their homemade jams and jellies at the Farmers Market in North East, one of several markets on the Great Lakes Seaway Trail in Pennsylvania. Farm stands and farmers markets offer local fruits and vegetables as well as some craft items and prepared foods.

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  • Erie Bluffs Shoreline

    The lush greenery along the shoreline gives way to shale as it meets the water.

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  • Erie Bluffs State Park

    After the water flows out of the shaded covering, it glides over the polished rocks at Erie Bluffs State Park.

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  • Boldt Castle and the 1000 Islands

    This aerial view of the verdant landscape around Boldt Castle demonstrates the large scale of nature, history, and culture along the Great Lakes Seaway Trail.

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  • The Roadsign of the Seaway Trail

    The familiar green and white Seaway Trail logo is used in both PA and NY to mark the route of the Great Lakes Seaway Trail.

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  • Children in the Strong Museum

    Children can look and touch the interactive exhibits in the Strong Museum, which is rated among the top ten children's museums nationwide by Child Magazine.

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