Historic Route 66

All-American Road, National Scenic BywayArizona, Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma

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  • Route 66: It's More than a Road; It's Her People.

    Sitting in lawn chairs along a stretch of Arizona's Historic Route 66 All American Road with miles of blue skies and high desert scrub brush as the backdrop, are brothers Juan and Angel Delgadillo, who, with a few other Route 66 believers, are responsible for the rebirth of Route 66. Angel, now 81 years old (as of 2008 or so), proved that one man can change the world. After Route 66 was bypassed by Interstate 40, he watched his community struggle to survive, all the while believing that the way to bring back the economy of his town and others along the Route was to build it on the heritage of Route 66 itself. Thirty years later Juan, who always wore mismatched socks, and Angel sit casually beside the road with smiles from ear to ear and a twinkle in their eyes. Juan and Angel built successful businesses around the Route 66 theme, and are proud that the world believed in their vision.

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  • Foraging in a Field of Flowers

    Mountains provide a stunning backdrop as horses graze for food in the bright yellow flowers.

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  • Winter Snows Blanket the Sandia Mountains

    A panoramic view of the Sandia Mountains after a heavy snow storm.

  • Pueblo-style Architecture in Santa Fe

    The adobe walls and flat roofs characteristic of pueblo-style architecture dominate the University of New Mexico campus.

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  • Miller Park Pavillion

    This grand historic pavilion, designed by noted architect George H. Miller, serves as the centerpiece for one of the most interesting parks along Illinois 66. Designed in 1898, the building overlooks four distinctly designed areas within the park's parameters. In addition to historic monuments and bridges, the park features a wonderful zoo.

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  • Buckingham Fountain

    One of the world's most fabulous fountains serves as one of the first sites along the Illinois 66 byway corridor. The fountain, captured here in full force, sends a massive stream of water into the air during one of its spectular shows.

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  • Wildflowers and Aspens

    Vibrant purple flowers bloom at the trunk of an aspen tree.

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  • Classic Cars and a Touch of Charm

    Visitors can pull into this classic gas station at the old General Store along the road in Hackberry, Arizona where you never have to leave your car.

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  • Chicago at Night

    The glowing towers of skyscrapers highlight downtown Chicago against the sunset.

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  • Old Chain Of Rocks Bridge

    The V of the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge peaks in the Mississippi River, with a Gothic water tower emerging on the left.

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  • Bridgeport Pony Bridge

    This bridge, which was featured in the movie, "The Grapes of Wrath," is 3,944.33 feet long and contains 38 pony trusses.

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  • Inside Lucille's Roadhouse

    Checkered countertops and red stools accentuate the 50s-era feel of Lucille's Roadhouse.

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  • Car Displayed inside the Roadkill Cafe

    A white car with the cafe's slogan, "You Kill It...We Grill It" adds to the whimsical decor of the Roadkill Cafe in Seligman, Arizona.

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  • Rt. 66 Between Oatman and Kingman, AZ

    Gently sloping hills covered with natural vegetation surround Historic Route 66 in western Arizona.

  • Route 66 and the Lincoln Highway in Illinois

    Two street banners proclaim to all that two historic highways, Historic Route 66 and the Lincoln Highway, meet at this town in Illinois.

  • San Felipe de Neri Church in Old Town, Albuquerque, NM

    A visitor poses in front of the Roman Catholic church in Old Town, just off Historic Route 66.

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  • Happy Family Statues in Albuquerque

    A statue of a mother and father chat while holding their child in this detail from a cluster of life-size statues in Albuquerque.

  • Route 66 Edmond Mural

    Murals such as this are located in communities all along Route 66.

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