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  • Overseas Heritage Trail

    The Grassy Key Trail is one feature of Grassy Key in the Florida Keys which recreationalists will enjoy. This photo shows the trail sign, the neat asphalt surface, and how the trail is separated from a regular road by a fence, grassy area and trees.

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  • Flats Fishing near Islamorada

    With small mangrove islands dotting the seascape near Islamorada, FL, on the Florida Keys Scenic Highway, two people enjoy flats fishing on calm, aquamarine water with white sand clearly visible only a few feet below.

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  • Tightrope Walker at Sunset Celebration

    With the sun setting over the Gulf of Mexico creating a bright orange and red backdrop, tightrope walker Will Soto captivates the crowd at the nightly sunset celebration at Mallory Square, Key West, FL.

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  • Kayaking in Curry Hammock State Park

    Two kayaks glide across the completely calm water of an open mangrove creek in Curry Hammock State Park, on the Florida Keys Scenic Highway at Little Crawl Key.

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  • Walking the Nature Trail at Crane Point Museum

    A couple stops among the palms and other lush plants of the hammock to look up a native bird at Crane Point Museum, Nature Center and Historic Point in Marathon, FL.

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  • Diving by Florida's Coral Barrier Reef

    A diver delights in spectacular hues of yellow and red while swimming among reef fish, sponges, seafans, and a variety of coral on North America’s only living coral barrier reef.

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  • Aerial View of the Seven-Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys

    A romantic, early-1900s railroad bridge and a state-of-the-art, 20th-Century bridge have become partners through time. The two Seven Mile Bridges that head off into the sunset are a testament to the era in which they were created, each offering regional connectivity but with decidedly different personalities. Although from different generations, together they span the turquoise waters of the Florida Keys in graceful tribute to the adventurers of their time.

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  • Sunrise from the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail

    Two bicyclers stop under a tall, swaying palm tree on the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail to gaze at the purple and orange sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean.

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  • Kiteboarding off of Anne’s Beach

    As vacationers picnic and beach-comb, kiteboarders take advantage of calm, shallow, white, sandy waters of the Atlantic Ocean at Anne’s Beach, Islamorada, FL, on the Florida Keys Scenic Highway.

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  • The Schooner Western Union At Full Sail

    At full sail in the setting sun, the majestic Schooner Western Union sets sail from the historic seaport in Key West. This schooner is one of the oldest working wooden schooners in the United States. Its towering masts support massive white sails billowing in the wind off of Key West, FL, on the Florida Keys Scenic Highway.

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