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All-American RoadCalifornia, Oregon

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  • Ross Geese at Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge

    The Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuges spanning both Oregon and California along the Volcanic Legacy, provides an important habitat for many species including this flock of Ross Geese. Canada, snow, and white-fronted geese also enjoy the refuge's safety.

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  • Mount Shasta Sunset

    "I consider the evening twilight on Mount Shasta one the grandest sights I have ever witnessed." - Theodore Roosevelt, 1908. Mount Shasta is a world class recreational destination that offers over 150 miles of trails, camping, and backbacking.

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  • Sunset on Tule Lake

    The Tule Lake Wildlife Refuge offers a wonderful opportunity for a variety of recreational activites. These include wildlife viewing, an auto tour, and fishing.

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  • Lassen Peak from the Byway

    Lassen Peak is one of the largest plug dome volcanoes in the world. It is also considered to be one of the most probable areas for renewed volcanic activity in the lower 48 states. Lassen Peak's last erupted in 1914. Lassen Peak is just one of many examples of the Byway's volcanic legacy.

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  • Wizard Island in Crater Lake

    From a viewpoint on the rim of the crater, Wizard Island stands out in the middle of Crater Lake.

  • Crater Lake National Park

    Light shimmers on the deep blue waters of Crater Lake.

  • Snow-Capped Mount Shasta

    This majestic mountain is not only known for its recreational and scenic value, but also because it draws visitors from all over the world seeking spiritual insight. Native people believed Mount Shasta to be the abode of the Great Spirit.

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  • Canoeing Lake Ewauna by Veteran's Memorial Park

    A family canoes on Lake Ewauna past Veteran's Memorial Park in Klamath Falls.

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  • Trolley Before Baldwin Hotel Museum

    The Klamath Falls Trolley stops before the Baldwin Hotel Museum.

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  • Riding Down Volcanic Legacy in Crater Lake National Park

    A group of motorcyclists pass an overlook on their way down curvy Rim Drive with its stone barrier fence in Crater Lake National Park.

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  • Restoring a Saddle at Fort Klamath

    Inside the Guard House at Fort Klamath County Park and Museum, Kevin Fields, a museum volunteer and military history enthusiast, repairs an old Civil War era saddle.

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  • Looking at Petroglyph Point Lava Flow

    A visitor marvels at the striated mountain that forms Petroglyph Point.

  • Looking Over Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge

    A visitor to Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge in California looks out from a wildlife viewing station.

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