Crowley's Ridge Parkway

National Scenic BywayArkansas, Missouri

Driving the Byway

Missouri Section

From Malden to MO/AR Border

  • Take J west five miles from Malden to the junction with WW.
  • Turn south (left) and follow WW five miles to Campbell.
  • In Campbell, take US 62 south to the St. Francis River and the MO/AR border.
  • Cross the river into Arkansas.

Arkansas Section

From St. Francis River to Paragould

  • From the St. Francis River and the MO/AR border, take US 62 south through St. Francis to Piggott.
  • In Piggott, take US 62 west through the town square.
  • Go north to Cherry Street.
  • Travel west along Cherry to 12th Street.
  • Then travel north on 12th Street to rejoin US 62 West.
  • From Piggott, continue on US 62 west to McDougal.
  • Then travel south on SH 141 through Boydsville and Knob (Possible side trips: Corning and Rector).
  • Continue south on SH 141 to Hooker.
  • Then take SH 135 south through Lafe to its intersection with US 49 at Paragould.

From Paragould to Harrisburg

  • In Paragould, take US 49 to Court Street.
  • Turn east on Court Street to Pruett Street.
  • Travel south on Pruett Street to Main Street.
  • Travel west on Main Street to 7th Street.
  • Go south on 7th Street to US 412 West.
  • Depart Paragould via US 412 west.
  • Turn south on SH 168 at Walcott.
  • Then continue south on SH 141.
  • Turn east on CR 766 (KAIT Road), then south on SH 351 to US 49/US 1 at Jonesboro.
  • In Jonesboro, take US 49/US 1 south to Aggie Road.
  • Travel west to Robinson Street.
  • Go south to Marshall Street.
  • Travel west to Caraway Road.
  • Then go south to Matthews Avenue.
  • Travel west to US 49B (Main Street).
  • Go north to Cate Avenue.
  • Travel west to US49B (Union Avenue).
  • Go south to SH 18.
  • Then go east to SH 1B South.
  • Take SH 1B south to its intersection with SH 163 South.
  • Continue south on SH 163 to South Street at Harrisburg.

From Harrisburg to Marianna

  • In Harrisburg, go south on SH 163 to South Street.
  • Go southwest to Center Street.
  • Travel west to the Courthouse Square.
  • Depart the square via East Jackson Street (SH 14).
  • Then east on SH 14 to SH 163 South.
  • Exit Harrisburg via SH 14 east and then continue south on SH 163.
  • Turn west along US 64 and US 64B.
  • Take US 64B West into Wynne. Take US 64 East for side trip to Parkin.
  • In Wynne, take SH 284 (Hamilton Avenue) West into Wynne to Terry Street.
  • Go south to Commercial Avenue.
  • Travel west to Front Street.
  • Go south to Merriman Avenue.
  • Travel east to US 1 (Falls Boulevard).
  • Go south to Martin Drive (CR 734).
  • Depart Wynne via CR 734 east to US 284 south.
  • Continue on SH 284 south to Forrest City (Side Trip: Colt).
  • In Forrest City, go south on SH 284 to Forrest Street.
  • Travel south to E. Broadway.
  • Go west to Izard Street.
  • Go south to East Front Street.
  • Travel west to the intersection with SH 1 South.
  • Depart Forrest City via SH 1 South to US 79, then east to Marianna.

From Marianna to Helena

  • In Marianna, go south on US 79 and SH 1 to Chestnut.
  • Travel east to Poplar Street.
  • Go south to its intersection with SH 44 South.
  • Depart Marianna via SH 44 and through the St. Francis National Forest.
  • Depart the St. Francis National Forest via SH 242 south.
  • Then travel east on US 49 B into Helena.
  • In Helena, travel east on US 49B (becoming Perry and Porter Streets) to Cherry Street.
  • Go south to Missouri Street.
  • Travel west to Biscoe (US 49B).
  • Go south to the Arkansas- Mississippi Bridge where the byway ends.