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  • Golden Eagle at Swan Falls

    A majestic golden eagle looks over the Snake River gorge at Swan Falls on the Western Heritage Historic Byway.

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  • The Snake River Canyon

    The deep shadows of the river canyon, combined with birds in flight are stunning. The canyon's rugged and remote landscape provides an exceptional traveling experience. It is serene, tranquil, and beautiful.

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  • The View from Dedication Point

    This photo shows the winter beauty of the Snake River Canyon, as seen from Dedication Point.

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  • Throwing an Atlatl at Celebration Park

    The Atlatl is an ancient hunting tool used before the bow and arrow. Visitors to Celebration Park are offered the opportunity to throw these devices at an Atlatl range in Celebration Park.

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  • Gothic Arch Barn

    This photo displays the Reineke Barn, an example of a gothic arch barn.

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  • Initial Point

    This photo shows the prominent lava butte called Initial Point. It is the beginning survey point in the State of Idaho and is marked as such with a US Geological Survey brass marker on its top.

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  • School Group Viewing Petroglyph at Celebration Park

    This photo shows a school group viewing and learning about petroglyphs carved by early Native Americans.

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  • Raptor Overlooking the Snake River Canyon

    This photo shows a close up of a raptor along the Snake River Canyon. First established in 1971, the NCA contains the densest nesting population of raptors in North America.

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  • Swan Falls Dam

    Swan Falls Dam was built in 1901 as the first hydroelectric dam on the Snake River. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

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