Big Bend Scenic Byway

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Driving the Byway

The Big Bend Scenic Byway is a two-part corridor, consisting of a Coastal Trail and a Forest Trail.

Coastal Trail Section

  • To travel the Coastal Trail, begin on Market Street in Apalachicola at Scipio Creek Marina.
  • Continue along Market Street to US 98/SR30/Avenue E in Apalachicola.
  • Go to US 98/SR 30 (John Gorrie Memorial Bridge).
  • Go to CR 65 in Eastpoint.
  • On CR 65 (South Bayshore Drive), go southbound to SR 300.
  • On SR 300 (Island Drive) go eastbound on CR 300 (East Gorrie Drive) from SR 300 to the entrance of Dr. Julian G. Bruce St. George Island State Park.
  • Continue southbound on SR 300 to the east boundary of the state park.
  • Return northbound along SR 300 from CR 65 to Patton Drive.
  • On Patton Drive, go to US 98/US 319/SR 30.
  • Go to SR 30-A in Carrabelle.
  • On CR 30-A (Gulf Avenue) go from US 98/US 319/Sr 30 to US 319/SR 377 (Sopchoppy Highway).
  • Go through the Franklin/Wakulla County Line, through Panacea, past US 319/SR 375, past US 319/SR 61, to SR 363.

Forest Trail Section

The Forest Trail section of the byway begins on SR 65 (James Gadsden highway) at US 98/US 319/SR 30 and goes to the Apalachicola National Forest Boundary.

  • Go along SR 65 and come to the Franklin/Liberty County Line.
  • Continue along the Sopchoppy Highway from the line to CR 299 (Curtis Mills Road).
  • Travel from US 319/SR 377 to CR 22. Along CR 22 (Rose Street) go from CR 299 to CR 375 in Sopchoppy.
  • On CR 375 go form the CR 22/CR 375 intersection to Winthrop Street, then go northbound on CR 375.
  • From the Wakulla/Leon County Line, go eastbound along SR 20 and go to SR 263.
  • Go to SR 267 at US 98/SR 30 and go to CR 373.
  • From there, go back to the Wakulla/Leon County Line and travel along Springhill Road to SR 263 (Capital Circle).
  • End at SR 20 (Blountstown Highway).