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  • Thomas Stone National Historic Site in the Summer

    An expansive green lawn runs to the elegant, redbrick home of Thomas Stone, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

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  • Celebrating the Maritime Heritage Festival at Historic St. Mary's City

    Aboard a sailing vessel, actors and actresses in period costumes recount maritime tales, sing chanteys, and engage visitors in hands-on activities.

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  • Blackistone Lighthouse Rising up from St. Clement's Island

    The stark white, reconstructed lighthouse appears almost exactly as it did in 1851 and recaptures some of the colonial history of St. Clement’s Island, which is covered with lush green vegetation and topped with a wide blue sky.

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  • Archaeology in Action at Port Tobacco

    One archaeologist digs while another reviews notes in front of the Port Tobacco Courthouse, which was reconstructed in 1972.

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  • The View from St. Ignatius Church/St. Thomas Manor at Chapel Point

    Much as it looked like when the church was founded in 1641, the view from St. Ignatius Church and St. Thomas Manor, from the 120-foot bluff, overlooks the mouth of the Port Tobacco River and the various headstones in the church graveyard.

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  • The Front Porch of St. Clement's Island Museum

    Bursting blooms and a colorful bird statue decorate the base of the small yet delightful museum overlooking the Potomac River.

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  • Reconstruction of the Brick Chapel at Historic Saint Mary's City

    Built by the Jesuits on “Chapel Land,” the wooden chapel and founding place of the Roman Catholic Church in English America is surrounded by scaffolding during its springtime reconstruction.

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  • Restored Buildings of Mt. Carmel Monastery

    Beyond the grassy lawn and spring foliage, one of two original buildings stands at Mt. Carmel Monastery, the first religious community for women in America.

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  • Smallwood Retreat House at Smallwood State Park

    Exemplifying early manor sites during the settlement period, this red-and-gray-brick home, enclosed by leafy foliage, became home to General Smallwood.

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  • View from Friendship Farm Park

    The view from Friendship Farm Park is one of the finest in Southern Maryland, and it provides a very similar view to what early settlers would have seen-- lush greens and meandering waters-- from the bluff overlooking the Tobacco River.

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  • Old Durham Church and Graveyard

    The brick Old Durham Church and walled-in graveyard is framed by a clear blue sky.

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  • Twilight Haze Over Christ Episcopal Church in Chaptico

    The Episcopal Church steeple glows eerily white against a dusk blue sky, which highlights the church's Georgian or ‘Church Warden’ architecture. The Church was built in 1736 on land donated by Francis Scott Keys' grandfather.

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  • Looking Through Headstones Toward St. Ignatius Church

    Weathered headstones dot the grounds surrounding the St. Ignatius Church, the nation’s oldest active parish with a continual pastorate.

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  • A Reconstructed Port Tobacco Courthouse

    The Port Tobacco Courthouse, the imposing brick structure in the background, dates back to 1892. Although the original building no longer exists, a sense of colonial Port Tobacco emanates from the reconstructed Courthouse, completed in 1972, and from the museum inside and through the interpretive sign out front.

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  • Downtown Leonardtown

    A crip storefront faces a hedge-trimmed public area with benches and cars at Leonardtown.

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  • Sunset at Piney Point Lighthouse

    The dwindling sun causes the white, cylindrical Piney Point Lighthouse to cast dark shadows across the land. The lighthouse was constructed in 1836 and is one of only four in existence along the Potomac River.

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  • Visiting the St. Ignatius Church

    Over the wire fence, St. Ignatius Church attracts a group of people who are interested in the building's stained glass windows and one of the oldest cemeteries in America.

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  • A Road along St. George's Island

    A paved road lined with yellowed grasses stretches along the Potomac River on St. George's Island.

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  • A Vivid Horizon from Point Lookout State Park

    Point Lookout State Park reveals spectacular views of the mouth of the aquamarine Potomac River.

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  • Spring Green on Nanjemoy Loop

    A gentle spring green dusts the tree-lined canopy of the Nanjemoy loop, an ideal low-volume road for bicycling interspersed with views of the Potomac.

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  • Point Lookout Lighthouse

    On a gray day, snow dusts the red roof of Point Lookout Lighthouse as well as the rocks lining the road.

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