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  • Mother Cabrini Grotto Chapel

    Upon this holy ground sits the building housing a chapel, gift shop, and convent.

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  • Statue of an Early Homesteader

    This statue of an early homesteader stands before the Hiwan Homestead Museum.

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  • Buffalo Bill's Grave

    Buffalo Bill's grave is memorialized at the Buffalo Bill Memorial Museum and Gravesite.

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  • Red Rocks from Mt. Morrison

    Red Rocks stand out in gigantic relief against the plain, as seen from Mt. Morrison.

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  • Red Rocks in Winter

    Red Rock formations are spectacular against the white of winter snows.

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  • Red Rocks Park

    Red Rocks against a stormy skyline reveal ancient formations and color combinations.

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  • The Old Tricycle

    Who said tricycles were for little folk? This vintage model draws unbelieving looks wherever it goes.

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  • Overlooking the Historic Town of Morrison

    This is a display of the beauty that surrounds the historic town of Morrison. The cottonwood leaves are turning yellow along Bear Creek that runs through the middle of town. Red Rocks Park and Ampitheatre are visible to the north of town and offer a beautiful red contrast to the yellow leaf cottonwoods. Mount Morrison and Dinosaur Ridge are also visible north of town and create a valley through which Mount Vernon Creek runs. It is a beautiful fall scene in this historic setting.

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  • Bear Creek Canyon

    The two-lane Lariat Loop Scenic and Historic Byway winds between granite cliffs on the right and the tree-lined Bear Creek on the left.

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  • Foothills Art Center

    This red-brick historic Presbyterian church, surrounded by serene trees, is now used as an art center that hosts national art shows and conducts art classes.

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  • Visiting Clear Creek History Park

    A visitor stands on the bank of Clear Creek, which flows past a historic schoolhouse. This is just one of the many buildings in Clear Creek History Park depicting the late 1800s.

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