Mohawk Towpath Byway

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  • Historic Canal Towpath

    Horses once used these well-worn towpaths to haul barges along the canal, but today they form a network of trails throughout the region.

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  • The Erie Canal - The Waterway West

    Shaded trees and forested riverbanks frame the water of the Mohawk River and Erie Canal as they run through the region near Rexford.

  • Waterford Museum

    The white columns of the Waterford museum have stood since 1830. The museum contains several artifacts from canal history.

  • Schenectady Stockade District

    An accordion-playing patriot welcomes visitors to a beautifully restored Dutch home in the Schenectady Stockade District.

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  • Waterford Harbor

    Boats rest along the harbor wall near the Lock 2 Park in Waterford.

  • Historic Erie Canal Photo: Aqueduct over the Mohawk River

    This photo shows the early years of the Erie Canal as its stone aqueduct passes through Rexford.

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  • Hamlet of Vischer Ferry

    Autumn comes to a street before a white steepled church in Vischer Ferry. The Vischer Ferry Historic District was originally settled in 1671. Construction of the Erie Canal in the 1820s brought more residents to the community, many worked at the dry dock, hotel or other services required along the canal. Boat builders used Greek Revival patterns when they constructed their own homes in the village. Many of these structures from the middle to late 19th century are still extant; many are on the National Registry of Historic Places.

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  • Squire Whipple Bridge

    This group demonstrates the strength of the Squire Whipple architecture bridge that spans the entrance to the Vischer Ferry Nature and Historic Preserve.

  • Grooms Tavern

    Automobiles from many decades line up outside Grooms Tavern, an important historic site in Clifton Park.

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  • Peebles Island

    The white of the Mohawk River shines on this bright autumn day in Peebles Island State Park.

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  • Entering Crescent

    This view welcomes visitors to the historical district of Crescent.

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  • Winter Exploration

    A man and his dog walk beneath bare branches on a clear snowy day. A century ago there would have been no trees or brush on the right side of this towpath. The bank of the Erie Canal was clear for boat tow lines.

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  • Cohoes Falls

    The waters of the Mohawk River churn into white over the ridge at Cohoes Falls.

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