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  • Stonework and Canal at Hagley Museum Entrance

    Magnificent stonework is typical of the architecture at Hagley Museum.

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  • Chateau Country, a Spectacular Brandywine Valley Landscape

    The Brandywine Valley Scenic Byway gently cuts through the rolling hills of the piedmont landscape along Route 52 looking toward Route 100 at Winterthur between Greenville and Centreville, Delaware.

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  • Azaleas at Winterthur

    Blooming azaleas grace the Winterthur Estate.

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  • Brandywine River Museum at Historic Grist Mill

    At the historic grist mill along the banks of the Brandywine River, three generations of the Wyeths' art are displayed at the Brandywine River Museum.

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  • Cherubs at Nemours Garden in Wilmington, Delaware

    This nameless statue can be found at the Nemours "Sunken Garden," designed by Alfred Victor du Pont on the 300-acre country estate.

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  • Garden Fair at Winterthur

    Garden Fair, held at Winterthur, is the only garden show and sale of its kind in the United States.

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  • Autumn Walk in the Longwood Gardens

    This photo depicts the magnificence and beauty of the gardens at Longwood on a mild autumn day.

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  • Gibraltar Mansion and Gardens on Route 52

    This early 20th Century du Pont garden estate built in 1909 features landscaped gardens designed by Marian Cruger Coffin.

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  • The Hotel du Pont Green Room

    The Green Room at the historic Hotel du Pont provides an elegant dining atmosphere for its patrons.

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  • Inn at Montchanin Village On Route 100

    Along with its beautiful entrance garden, the historic Inn at Montchanin Village offers the gentle comfort and beauty of a restored 19th Century hamlet.

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  • Longwood Gardens Conservatory

    Thousands of colorful chrysanthemums fill the Longwood Gardens Conservatory during the Chrysanthemum Festival.

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  • Winterthur, an American Country Estate

    Beautiful azaleas bloom on the grounds of the Winterthur Estate, the seven-story former home of Henry Francis du Pont.

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