Illinois River Road

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  • Lone Heron At Sunset

    A majestic blue heron stands silhouetted as the sun sets along the Illinois River.

  • Ancient Clay Pot

    This intricately designed clay pot is an artifact from the Dickenson Mounds Museum Collection.

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  • Stately Bald Eagle

    The symbol of the United States of America, the bald eagle can be seen in its natural habitat at the Wildlife Prairie State Park.

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  • Peoria Glass Art Display

    Colorful pieces of blown glass catch the sun at the Peoria RiverFront Art Festival.

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  • French Canyon Waterfall

    This waterfall trickles through the niche it has carved along the cliffs near Starved Rock State Park.

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  • Biking The Illinois and Michigan Canal

    These byway visitors ride along the well-packed towpath that follows the I and M Canal.

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  • Father Jacques Marquette

    Father Jacques Marquette talks to a native tribe next to the Mississippi River.

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  • Voyageurs in Montreal Canoe

    This painting by Frances Anne Hopkins (1838-1919) shows a large Montreal Canoe full of Voyageurs shooting some whitewater rapids.

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  • Snowmobilers in Northern Illinois

    Several of the Polar Bears of Northern Illinois, a snowmobiling group, stop along a snowy snowmobile trail to chat.

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  • Herons at Emiquon

    Wading herons make thin silhouettes while searching for food in the drainage ditch at Emiquon Preserve.