Wetlands and Wildlife Scenic Byway

National Scenic BywayKansas

Driving the Byway

The byway begins in Barton County at the west junction of US-281 and Highway K-4 (five miles west of Hoisington, Kansas).

  • Go east on Highway K-4 for 15 miles.
  • Turn right (south) onto NE 100 Ave. and follow this road for four miles.
  • Turn right (southwesterly) onto Highway K-156 and follow this road for about six miles.
  • Turn left (east) onto NE 30 Rd and then make an immediate right (south) turn onto a blacktop road (NE 60 Ave./RS-980).
  • Stay on NE 60 Ave. for 17 1/2 miles until you reach NE 140th Street/RS-1484 in Stafford County. When you have traveled 10 of the 17 miles, you'll reach Stafford County where there is a correction line (the road will jog over 1/2 mile to the west and then back south). Don't change roads, but at the county line the road name changes to NE 40th Ave./RS-980 for the remaining seven miles.
  • Turn left (east) onto NE 140th Street/RS-1484 and follow for 12 miles (the last mile of the 12 miles is in Reno County and is called 95th Ave./RS-554).
  • Turn right (south) onto Raymond Rd/RS-506 and follow for seven miles.
  • Turn right (west) onto 4th Ave./NE 70th St/RS-636 and follow for 16 miles to the byway's end at the junction with US-281.