Forest Heritage National Scenic Byway

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  • Colorful Autumn Leaves at Looking Glass Falls

    Amidst colorful autumn leaves, a vehicle travels along the Forest Heritage Scenic Byway next to Looking Glass Falls, a 30-foot wide, 60-foot high waterfall. The route of the byway was originally a logging railroad route used to transport timber to a nearby sawmill.

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  • Davidson River

    In the summer splendor, three young boys and a man stand knee-deep in the middle of the Davidson River, casting fishing lines down stream and waiting for a bite.

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  • Looking Glass Falls

    Glistening along its border with winter ice, the 30-foot-wide Looking Glass Falls crashes 60 feet to the river below, while visitors enjoy the view from the observation deck just above the river.

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  • Picnic Area

    A couple enjoys a riverside picnic on a concrete picnic table overlooking the Davidson River.

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  • Cradle of Forestry

    A group of students waits outside the entrance to the Cradle of Forestry in America’s Forest Discovery Center.

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  • Shining Rock Wilderness

    From a rocky vista, the view opens to horizon of pine forests with mountainscapes lining the backdrop. This vast landscape is Shining Rock Wilderness, one of the first wilderness areas to be established with the passage of the 1964 Wilderness Act.

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  • Sliding Rock

    Travelers line up in the summer heat to cool off on Sliding Rock, a 60-foot natural water slide. Two sliders ride together while on-lookers watch from the overlook.

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