#65340: 400 High Street, a View from the Steeple

400 High Street is a historic building in Chestertown. Formerly the high school built in 1901, it currently serves as the county government building. The site on which the building sits was formerly the property of Senator George Vickers. Vickers was a lawyer who practiced in Chesterterown. He was a delegate to the Whig National Convention of 1852. When the Civil War began he was appointed major-general of the state militia. He was a presidential elector on the McClellan ticket in 1864, and one of the vice-presidents of the Union convention of 1866. In 1866-'7 he was a member of the state senate. In 1868 he was elected United States senator for the term that ended on 3 March, 1873, in the place of Philip F. Thomas, who had been denied the seat. He took a conspicuous part in the debate on the 15th Amendment to the Federal Constitution.

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