South Carolina (SC)

  • Ashley River Road

    Ashley River Road (South Carolina)

    The Ashley River Road passes by three national historic landmarks -- Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church, Drayton Hall and Middleton Place -- as it traverses a National Register Historic District that traces the history of European and African settlement, commerce and industry from their colonial origins to the present.

  • Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway

    Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway (South Carolina)

    Looming majestically beyond the low Piedmont hills, the Blue Ridge escarpment thrills the mountain lover's soul. The Cherokees called these heights the "Great Blue Hills of God." Following an ancient Cherokee path, this beautiful two-lane road arcs through peach orchards and villages, past Cowpens National Battlefield and over Lake Keowee.

  • Edisto Island National Scenic Byway

    Edisto Island National Scenic Byway (South Carolina)

    For a variety of views from the sparkling waters of Edisto Bay to the green foliage native to the South, drive the Edisto Island Scenic Byway on SC 174.

  • Savannah River Scenic Byway

    Savannah River Scenic Byway (South Carolina)

    The Savannah River Scenic Byway affords scenic views, glimpses of life in the rural South and opportunities to experience southern hospitality. Whether receiving a casual lesson on barbecue traditions, fishing tips or stories about the state's role in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, you'll feel welcome.

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