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Major Contract Change Order Requirements

  1. Change Scope of Work (ex. Additional lanes, design exceptions, etc.) especially those which effect previous environmental NEPA clearance

  2. Any contract change order that costs $200,000 or greater

  3. Any contract change order that increases the cost of anticipated supplemental work listed in the detailed estimate by $200,000 or more

  4. Once the $200,000 threshold is reached, each supplemental contract change order must obtain FHWA prior approval

  5. Any change in the following:

    • Specifications (with the exception of¬†"Lane Requirements and Hours of Work" charts)
    • Method of payment
    • Method of materials processing
    • Type or quality of materials to be furnished (with the exception of minor building materials), such as changing the individual aggregate base to a asphalt concrete material
    • Proprietary material for which specific or blanket approval has not been previously given
    • Environmental requirements
      • environmental mitigation (if available, see Mitigation Monitoring Reporting¬†Record)
      • permit conditions
      • agreements with Federal Resource Agencies (examples: revising, sound walls – height, length & location, adding auxiliary lanes, disturbing a 106 historical site, etc.)
  6. Introduction of new social, environmental or economic issues that need to be addressed under applicable federal laws

  7. Changes to, or requiring of, mandatory disposal or borrow sites – Public Interest Finding (PIF) and/or NEPA clearance may be needed

  8. Project limits expanding beyond the limits set in the environmental document

  9. Any revision due to a Cost Reduction Incentive Proposal (CRIP)

  10. Any form of payment (not just a CCO) to a contractor resulting from a claim, Board of Review, Exception to Project Record Final Estimate (PRFE), District Director Determination, or Arbitration

  11. Experimental Work Plan

  12. Supplemental CCOs to all of the above

  13. Any changes that result in a contract time extension of 20 or more working days. Additionally, if time is extended by more than 20% of the original contract working days, then that change and each subsequent contract change order to extend time

  14. Waivers to the "Buy America" requirements

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