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1.3 Summary

This Guidebook provides the following:

  • a resource to help improve the development of Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • a common process for multi-agency ITS projects improving development, coordination, participation, operations & maintenance, and integration
  • a guidance for consultants and system integrators to meet an agency’s expectations for the development process of ITS systems

This Guidebook, along with training, will help promote the use of systems engineering in ITS projects. As systems engineering becomes integrated into the transportation project development processes, it will provide another set of tools to improve transportation facilities.

Supporting the Guidebook is a set of systems engineering principles that reach outside ITS projects, providing value to capital developments, research, and information technology projects.

A common, well-defined process enables a broad set of resources to contribute to ITS projects, similar to what is currently done for capital projects. A well-defined, well-understood capital project development process allows plans and specifications to be developed anywhere in the state. They also make use of available resources when needed. Expertise in ITS will be broadened in the same way creating a pool of resources that will be available to support ITS projects.


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