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8.1.2 Acronyms

AAA American Automobile Association
AASHTOA American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials
AIAAA American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
ANSIA American National Standards Institute
ASTMA American Society for Testing and Materials
ATISA Advanced Transportation Information System
ATMSA Advanced Transportation Management System
C2CA Center to Center
C2FA Center To Field
CAIVA Cost As an Independent Variable
CCTVA Closed-Circuit Television
CDRA Critical Design Review
CE Concept Exploration
CEA Consumer Electronics Association
CFRA Code of Federal Regulations
CGA Control Gate
CIA Configuration Item
CMA Configuration Management
CMMA Capability Maturity Model
CMMIA Capabilities Maturity Model Integrated
CMSA Changeable Message Sign
COCOMOA Constructive Cost Model
ConOpsA Concept of Operations
CORBAA Common Object Request Broker Architecture
COTSA Commercial Off-The-Shelf
CRA Change Request
DATEXA Data Exchange
DBMSA Database Management System
DDRA Detail Design Review
DOTA Department of Transportation
ECPA Engineering Change Proposal
EDIA Electronic Data Interchange
EIAA Electronic Industries Association
FARA Federal Acquisition Regulation
FCAA Functional Configuration Audit
FHWAA Federal Highway Administration
FPAA Function Point Analysis
FSRA Feasibility Study Report
FTPA File Transfer Protocol
GUIA Graphical User Interface
IAWA In Accordance With
HLDA High-Level Design
ICDA Interface Control Documentation
ICWGA Interface Control Working Group
IEEEA Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IKIWISIA I Know It When I See It
INCOSEA International Council of Systems Engineering [circa 1994]
IPTA Integrated Product Teams
ISOA International Organization for Standardization
ITA Information Technology
ITEA Institute of Transportation Engineers
ITIPA Interregional Transportation Improvement Plan
ITSA Intelligent Transportation System[s]
IV&VA Independent Verification and Validation
KPPA Key Performance Parameter
MOEA Measure of Effectiveness
MOPA Measure of Performance
MPOA Metropolitan Planning Organization
NAA Not Applicable
NASAA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NCOSEA National Council on Systems Engineering [now INCOSE]
NDIA Non-Developmental Item
NEMAA National Electrical Manufacturers Association
NISTA National Institute of Standards and Technology
NTCIPA National Transportation Communications for ITS Protocol
O&MA Operations & Maintenance
ORBA Object Request Brokers [programming middleware]
PDA Product Development
PDRA Preliminary Design Review
PMA Program Manager
PMIA Project Management Institute
PPPA Point-to-Point Protocol
QFDA Quality Function Deployment
RFPA Request for Proposal
RFQA Request for Quotation
RTIPA Regional Transportation Improvement Plan
ROWA Right Of Way
SAEA Society of Automotive Engineers
SDRA System Design Review
SEA Systems Engineering
SEIA Software Engineering Institute [Carnegie Mellon University]
SEMPA Systems Engineering Management Plan
SERFA Systems Engineering Review Form
SETAA Systems Engineering Technical Assistance
SIA Software Item
SOWA Statement of Work
SRRA System Requirements Review
STIPA Statewide Transportation Improvement Plan
SWA Software
T & EA Test & Evaluation
TIPA Transportation Improvement Plan
TMCA Traffic Management Center
TRA Technical Review
TRRA Test Readiness Review
UMLA Unified Modeling Language
WANA Wide Area Network
WBSA Work Breakdown Structure
XMLA Extensible Mark-up Language


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