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This view includes a library of systems engineering examples collected from real ITS projects, testimonials from practicioners on their use of systems engineering, three illustrative example projects that are used in the Systems Engineering Guidebook, and several case studies from around the country.

Library of Examples

Examples This site includes a library of systems engineering examples that have been collected from all types of ITS projects. This is the place to go if you are interested in seeing Systems Engineering Management Plans, Concepts of Operation, Requirements Specifications, and other documents that have been developed for ITS projects.

Systems Engineering Testimonials

Testimonials As many in the ITS industry begin to adopt systems engineering processes, we are beginning to hear feedback from practicioners on the benefits of systems engineering. Systems engineering testimonials provide insight into how systems engineering has provided value for some early adopters in the transportation industry.

Illustrative Example Projects

The systems engineering approach must be tailored to address the specific complexities and risks of each ITS project. To illustrate tailoring, the Systems Engineering Guidebook describes the degree of systems engineering that would be applied to three example ITS projects that illustrate the range of ITS projects that might be encountered. A guide to the level of effort required for each phase of the project is also provided. It should be noted that these are estimates and that each project, even if they are similar to the ones listed, will need to be evaluated on its own merits. The following example projects are defined:

These are just typical activities and estimates of effort. This should not be taken as a "script" to follow. These same projects in your environment may require more or less systems engineering effort.

Case Studies

Case studies provide real-world examples of the application of systems engineering to ITS projects. Documented case studies are an excellent opportunity to learn what worked and what didn't work, and benefit from lessons learned without the pain of actual experience. We are indebted to the three project case studies that have shared their experiences.

Note: These case studies are included in the interest of information exchange, so others may benefit from the experience of early adopters of the systems engineering process.  The case studies were produced collaboratively with each agency working cooperatively with the SEGB authors.  They are not a result of any formal review or audit by USDOT or any other agency.

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