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Careers That Make a Difference


Professional Growth Our advantage is career advancement and the ability to enhance and expand your career options by accepting job opportunities which span a range of technical and managerial areas. Salaries are competitive with other government agencies and private industry.

Tuition and Training Through the Academic Study Program, selected FHWA employees may be approved to pursue academic education to enhance and develop knowledge in disciplines relevant to agency programs.

Employee Recognition Programs We have a variety of incentive and performance awards, both monetary and honorary awards, to recognize employees for their outstanding work and contributions.

Life Insurance is available at a low cost for group term life insurance.

Health Insurance is available to FHWA employees and family members at reasonable rates with no waiting periods, required medical examinations, or restrictions because of age or physical condition. You have a wide selection of insurance plans, offering a variety of benefits, such as dental coverage, prescription discounts, and eye care services. In addition, your health benefits coverage can be carried into retirement.

Retirement Employees are covered by a retirement plan that features three components: a basic annuity, the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP, an employee controlled investment program); and Social Security.

Counseling We support an Employee Counseling and Assistance Program that offers confidential individual and family counseling services.

Family Friendly Leave Flexibilities We have an impressive array of family friendly leave flexibilities, including annual leave, sick leave for personal medical needs and family medical care, leave for adoption, leave sharing programs, and leave for bone marrow and organ donation.

Flexible Work Schedules Maintain valuable contributions to your work group or office while working remotely or on a non-traditional work schedule.

Health and Wellness Programs are available to FHWA employees to assist them in achieving and maintaining healthy lifestyles, including fitness facilities in many of our work locations.

Part-time employment and job sharing are available options that may help balance an employee's work and family responsibilities.

Transit Benefits are available to FHWA employees who use public transportation to commute to and from work.

For more details about benefits for federal employees, please visit https://www.usa.gov/Federal_Employees/Benefits.shtml

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