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Careers That Make a Difference

Work Life In FHWA

We work in an atmosphere of service, teamwork, professionalism, and diversity. We conduct our business with integrity in an open, candid, and ethical manner and take pride in our work and commitment to quality. Our team environment and close relationships with our customers and partners are an integral part of our success. We are committed to providing our employees with the opportunity to achieve their professional goals through challenging work assignments, formal and on-the-job training, and continued education.

Challenging, Responsible Assignments:

Decisions Made by Front-line - FHWA employees are immediately engaged in making key decisions that have an impact on the national transportation industry.
Ultimate Decision Maker - As the Federal funding agency, the eligibility determination rests with our agency. We strive to facilitate resolution so all parties buy into the decision, however, we are usually the ultimate decision maker.
Wide Area of Responsibility - We get to see a project go through all stages, from project scope to design and then construction. In addition, we can have various collateral responsibilities which cover a range of program activities. Therefore, we are intricately involved in making program enhancements which have a wide effect on the development of projects.
Public Policy Development & Management - As a Federal agency, we are directly involved in the development of national legislation, in the development of the respective regulation, and in the actual implementation of the work.
Market Latest Technology - We are responsible for encouraging our state partners to continually enhance the tools they use to deliver transportation programs and challenge them to implement state-of-the-art technologies.

Professional Growth:

Student Internship & Recent Graduate Programs - FHWA has a variety of student internships, and career programs which offer great opportunities for candidates looking to jumpstart their careers. These programs are designed to attract highly qualified, motivated individuals and provide hands on experience in a variety of fields and locations to help them explore their interests and develop exciting career paths.
Continuing Education/Training Program - FHWA offers a great selection of training courses and the potential for outside educational opportunities. In addition, long-term training is provided through the Academic Study and Executive Potential programs as well as in-depth management and technical training sessions.
Variety of Career Options - Perhaps the best thing about FHWA is the ability to enhance and expand our job. FHWA employees are encouraged to expand their horizons and make contributions to the broader transportation community. Initiative and imagination are encouraged. We can move in a variety of directions as well as into management while staying within one organization - having many different careers while not changing employer. In effect, we can achieve our dreams.
Numerous Office Locations - FHWA encourages mobility and as such, people wishing to explore the country have opportunity to live and work in a variety of locations. We can see the country and experience the different regions through relocations, or we can remain in the same location throughout all or most of our careers.
National Perspective - FHWA is a transportation organization with a national perspective with offices throughout the country and a large variety of positions ranging from the traditional highway engineer to attorney to marketing specialist to staff assistant. It has a rich tradition having been involved in transportation for more than 100 years.

Work Life Balance:

Flexible Work Schedules - Our work schedule is a great marketing point. Being able to have a three day weekend every other week is perfect to get work done at home or spend valuable time with family and friends. It also allows employees to save their annual leave for actual vacations.
Family Friendly Leave Flexibilities - The Federal Government has an impressive array of family friendly leave flexibilities, including annual leave, sick leave for personal medical needs and family medical care, the leave sharing program, and paid leave for bone marrow and organ donation.
Health and Wellness Programs - These programs are available to FHWA employees to assist them in achieving and maintaining healthy lifestyles, including fitness facilities in many of our work locations.


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