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FHWA Works: Employee Spotlight - Rebecca T. Crowe (Becky)

Photo of Becky Crowe wearing a bike helmit and holding a #RoadDiets sign

Full Name: Rebecca T. Crowe (Becky)
Title: Transportation Specialist
Division/Department: Office of Safety
Location: ADL- Virginia Division; Richmond, VA

  1. What is your typical workday like?
    I'm an Alternate Duty Location (ADL) employee, so most of my work is done through email or conference calls. A typical workday includes responding to requests for information and working on activities to advance pedestrian safety countermeasures. Right now, I'm organizing a virtual peer exchange for six states, writing copy for a newsletter, and developing a proposal for a conference. I'm always working on something new and I love it.

  2. What has been your biggest accomplishment over the last year?
    My biggest accomplishment over the last year was seeing Road Diets advance across the nation. For the past two years, I have been providing technical assistance to States and marketing safety, livability, and low cost benefits of this proven safety countermeasure. Over the last year, we had 44 States achieve or surpass their goals, and 22 States have established Road Diet programs. This translates into fewer crashes and much safer roads!

  3. Prior to working at FHWA, what was the most unusual or interesting job you've ever had?
    My first job out of college was interesting. I worked for the Virginia Department of Transportation as a Highway Permits and Subdivision Specialist. I had never worked in the field or in construction, and now I was responsible for the right-of-way in three counties. I worked with utility companies and subdivision contractors, and it felt like I learned something new every day. This is where my love of highway safety got started.

  4. What are your hobbies in your spare time?
    I love to travel, bike with my family, and watch my two kids play sports (volleyball, cheerleading, basketball, and soccer). I have a sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay and we love to spend weekends on the boat. We haven't been able to go as much as we'd like, because my youngest daughter (currently 5) would rather jump off the boat and take a swim in the Bay! Now that my daughter can swim, I’m hoping to get on the boat soon!

  5. What is one of the biggest lessons you have learned in your career to get you where you are today?
    The biggest lesson I have learned is that you must get exposure outside of your current office. This will help you grow professionally, meet new people, and gain a new perspective. If you're in a Division Office, do a rotational assignment in Headquarters. If you're in Headquarters, look for a special assignment in a Division Office or spend time working in another office. Or try to find a collateral duty within your office that will expose you to others within the agency.

  6. Given it's Women’s History Month, who do you admire and why?
    I admire my 92-year old grandmother, Elsie, because she's resilient, strong, generous, and loving. My grandmother was adopted and had a lot of health problems as a child. At eight years old, she was quarantined for a year in a sanitarium with tuberculosis. She lived with a lot of different families, and at 14 she quit school to work in a packing mill. She beat all the odds and raised a wonderful family. She helped my granddaddy build a successful crane and construction business. Since she only went to school through the fifth grade, she values education. She always made this a priority for me and helped me to attend college. Finally, I most admire my grandmother's faith. She showed me how to love and what it means to be loved.

  7. Complete this sentence: "People would be surprised if they knew..."
    ...I met President George W. Bush after Hurricane Isabel hit the southeast in 2003. He flew to the Virginia Emergency Operations Center in Richmond and met with all of the staff. It was an awesome experience to shake hands with the President of the United States and hear him say how much he appreciates your hard work.

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