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Attachment C: Policy and Guidance Updates

FHWA Regulation/Policy/Guidance Update Requirements - 2 CFR 200
Based on 2 CFR 200 Implementation

Course Title Office Target Date
23 CFR 172 HIPA-20 TBD
23 CFR 420 – Planning and Research Program Administration (this will need to be updated thru NPRM with Research) HEP/HRT 12/31/2015
23 CFR 627 HIPA-20 TBD
23 CFR 630.106 HCF 4/30/2015
23 CFR 635A HIPA-30 TBD
Acquisition Procedural Memorandum APM #004 - Closeout of Acquisition Vehicles HCFA-10 11/30/2014
Acquisition Procedural Memorandum APM #009 - Invoice Processing HCFA-32 11/30/2014
Agreements Checklists – Pre/Post Award HCFA-30 1/31/2015
Agreements Checklists – Procurement Requests HCFA-10 10/15/2014
Assistance Agreement Templates HCFA-32 12/19/2014
Assistance Agreements Manual HCFA-30 1/31/2015
Clarification of Policy on Indirect Costs of State and Local Governments, May 5, 2004 HCF 3/31/2015
Eligibility of Membership Dues for FHWA/FTA Planning Funds - October 8, 2002 HEP 12/26/2014
Establish Website of Agreement Terms & Conditions HCFA-10 10/15/2014
Federal-Aid Guidance Non-Federal Matching Requirements, December 29, 2009 HCF 9/30/2015
FHWA Order 4410.1 HCFA-10 11/15/2014
FHWA Policy for Contractor Certification of Costs in Accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) to Establish Indirect Cost Rates on Engineering and Design-related Services Contracts Order No. 4470.1A found at https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/legsregs/directives/orders/44701a.cfm HIPA TBD
FHWA Risk Assessment for On-Boarding Tribes (Location - TTP SharePoint Site) HFL 3/31/2015
FHWA, State DOT, and MPO Rights to Copyrighted and Patented Items Developed with FHWA Planning and Research Funds - March 1, 2004 HEP 12/26/2014
Field Planners Guidebook: Statewide Planning and Research (SPR) Work Program and Unified Planning HEP 12/26/2014
FIRE Toolkit (Location - TTP SharePoint Site) HCF 3/31/2015
Funding for Bridge Inspection Equipment and Access Features, HIBT-30 October 5, 2005 memo HIBT-30  
Guidance on Transportation Enhancements Activities HEP 3/31/2015
Guidance on Use of FHWA Planning and Research Funds for Travel and Training - January 29, 2004 HEP 12/26/2014
HIPA-10 February 13, 2012 memo: “Local Public Agency Stewardship Issues” HIPA-40 TBD
HIPA-20 Consultant Services web page HIPA-20 TBD
HIPA-30 Construction Program Guide: “Contractor Furnished Equipment / Supplies” HIPA TBD
HIPA-30 Construction Program Guide: “Source Documentation and Determination of Pay Quantities” HIPA TBD
HIPA-30 Contract Administration Core Curriculum Manual HIPA-30 TBD
HIPA-30 May 5, 1993 memo: “Equipment Purchases for State Construction Engineering Use” HIPA-30 TBD
HIPA-40 Federal–aid Highway Program Stewardship and Oversight Agreement Guidance: Documenting State Assumption of Federal0aid Project Oversight and FHWA Program Oversight Measures (March 2014). HIPA-40 TBD
Indirect Cost Allocation Dispute Resolution Process for State DOTs found at https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/legsregs/directives/policy/ind080808.htm HCF 3/31/2015
Indirect Costs Eligibility and Other TEA-21 Revisions to Title 23 U.S.C. Section 302, September 24, 1998 HCF 3/31/2015
Prior Approvals for Non-Construction Grants & Cooperative Agreements to State & Local Governments; HEP 12/26/2014
Procurement, Management, and Administration of Engineering and Design Related Services - Questions and Answers found at https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/programadmin/172qa.cfm HIPA-20 TBD
Program Income Under Federal Grants; HEP 12/26/2014
Project Funds Management/Close-out Policy HCF 4/30/2015
Recreational Trails Program Federal Share and Matching Provisions Guidance HEP 3/31/2015
Recreational Trails Program Guidance HEP 3/31/2015
Scenic Byways Program Grant Information HEP 3/31/2015
Stewardship and Oversight of Federal-Aid Projects Administered by Local Public Agencies - Attachments B & C to the August 15, 2014 FHWA Order HIPA-40 TBD
TE Questions and Answers HEP 3/31/2015
Third Party In-Kind Contributions As Match For FHWA Planning Funds; HEP 12/26/2014
Tribal Program Agreement (Location - TTP SharePoint Site) HFL 3/31/2015
TTP On-Boarding Guide (Location - TTP SharePoint Site) HFL 3/31/2015
TTP Program Review Template (Location - TTP SharePoint Site) HFL 3/31/2015
Use of FHWA Planning & Research Funds for Conferences and Other Meetings - December 8, 2006 HEP 12/26/2014


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