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Civil Rights

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FHWA Office of Civil Rights

State Departments of Transportation - Civil Rights Personnel


Alabama Department of Transportation
1409 Coliseum Boulevard
Montgomery, AL 36130-0001
Clarence Hampton – Bureau Chief, Compliance and Business Opportunies Bureau
Phone: 334-242-6340 Fax: 334-263-7586 E-Mail: hamptonc@dot.state.al.us
Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities
3132 Channel Drive
Juneau, AK 99801-7898
Dennis Good – Civil Rights Manager
Phone: 907-269-0848 Fax: 907-269-0847 E-Mail: dennis.good@alaska.gov
Arizona Department of Transportation
1135 N. 22nd Floor, MD-154A
Phoenix, AZ 85009
Eddie Edison – Civil Rights Administrator
Phone: 602-712-8946 Fax: 602-712-8429 E-Mail: eedison@azdot.gov
Vivien Lattibeaudiere Ph.D – Business Engagement and Compliance Manager
1801 W Jefferson, Suite 101
Phoenix, AZ 85007
Phone: 602-712-7761 Fax: 602-712-8429 E-Mail: vlattibeaudiere@azdot.gov
Arkansas State Highway & Transportation Department
State Highway Department Building
10324 Interstate 30
Little Rock, AR 72209
Emanuel Banks - Deputy Director and Chief Engineer
Phone: 501-569- 2214 Fax: 501-569-2400 E-Mail: Emanuel.Banks@ardot.gov
Joanna McFadden – Equal Employment Opportunity/Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Section Head
Phone: 501-569-2298 Fax: 501-569-2693 E-Mail: Joanna.McFadden@ardot.gov
California Department of Transportation
1120 N Street, MS-49
Sacramento, CA 95814
Janice Salais, Assistant Director, Office of Business and Economic Opportunity
Phone: 916-324-0990 Fax: 916-324-1949 E-Mail: janice.salais@dot.ca.gov
Colorado Department of Transportation
4201 East Arkansas Avenue
Denver, CO 80222-3406
Greg Diehl, Manager
Civil Rights and Business Resource Center
Phone: 303-757-9599
Fax: 303-757-9058 E-Mail: greg.diehl@state.co.us
Connecticut Department of Transportation
2800 Berlin Turnpike
PO Box 317546
Newington, CT 06111
Nancy Bryant & Director – Equal Employment Opportunity Manager
Phone: 860-594-2211 Fax: 860-594-3060 E-Mail: nancy.bryant@ct.gov
Debra Goss – Office of Contract Compliance, EEO Manager
Phone: 860-594-2169 Fax: 860-594-3016 E-Mail: debra.goss@ct.gov
Delaware Department of Transportation
Highway Administration Center
800 Bay Road, Route 113
Dover, DE 19903
Wendy Henry – Civil Rights Administrator
Phone: 302-760-2555 Fax: 302-760-2995 E-Mail: wendy.henry@state.de.us
District Department of Transportation
55 M St. SE
3rd Floor
Washington, DC 20003
Lisa Gregory, Esq – Chief, Office of Civil Rights
Phone: 202-671-2628 Fax: 202-671-0664 E-Mail: lisa.gregory@dc.gov
Tyra L. Redus, Esq.– Equity and Inclusion Officer
Phone: 202-671-3236 Fax: 202-671-0664 E-Mail: tyra.redus@dc.gov
Florida Department of Transportation
Haydon Burns Building
605 Suwannee Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0450
Victoria (Vicki) Smith – Manager, Equal Opportunity Office
Phone: 850-414-4749 Fax: 850-488-3914 E-Mail: Victoria.Smith@dot.state.fl.us
Dean Perkins – ADA
Phone: 850-414-4359 Fax: 850-488-3914 E-Mail: dean.perkins@dot.state.fl.us
Georgia Department of Transportation
One Georgia Center
600 West Peachtree NW
Atlanta, GA 30308
Kimberly A. King – Director, Equal Opportunity
Phone: 404-631-1972 Fax: 404-631-1943 E-Mail: kiking@dot.ga.gov
Betty Mason – Assistant Administrator, External Programs
Phone: 404-631-1289 Fax: 404-631-1943 E-Mail: bemason@dot.ga.gov
Henry Johnson – Assistant Administrator, Internal Programs
Phone: 404-631-1286 Fax: 404-631-1943 E-Mail: hjohnson@dot.ga.gov
Hawaii Department of Transportation
869 Punchbowl Street
Honolulu, HI 96813-5097
Melanie Martin – Acting Civil Rights Manager

Phone: 808-831-7901

Fax: 808-831-7944

E-Mail: Melanie.Martin@hawaii.gov

Idaho Transportation Department
3311 West State Street
PO Box 7129
Boise, ID 83707
Diane Cole– Civil Rights/Equal Employment Opportunity Manager
Phone: 208-334-8266 Fax: 208-334-4423 E-Mail: diane.cole@itd.idaho.gov
Illinois Department of Transportation
2300 South Dirksen Parkway
Springfield, IL 62764-0001
Pamela Simon – Director, Office of Business and Workforce Diversity
Phone: 217-557-3891 Fax: 217-785-1524 E-Mail: pamela.simon@illinois.gov
Carlos Ramirez – Bureau Chief, Office of Civil Rights
(Title VI, Internal Civil Rights)
Phone: 217-782-2762 Fax: 217-524-4063 E-Mail: carlos.ramirez@illinois.gov
Indiana Department of Transportation
100 N. Senate Ave, IGCN 750
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2249
Libby Crawford – Director Economic Opportunity
Phone: 317-234-8008 Fax: 317-233-0891 E-Mail: ekiefner1@indot.in.gov
Iowa Department of Transportation
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50010-6915
Karen Kienast – Civil Rights Coordinator, Office of Employee Services
Phone: 515-233-7970 Fax: 515-239-1175

E-Mail:  karen.kienast@dot.iowa.gov

Kim Van Cleave – Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Officer, Office of Employee Services
Phone: 515-239-1427 Fax: 515-239-1175 E-Mail: kim.vancleave@iowadot.gov
Kansas Department of Transportation
Dwight D. Eisenhower State Office Building
700 Harrison Street, SW
Topeka, KS 66603-3754
Doria Watson – Civil Rights Administrator
Phone: 785-296-6703 Fax: 785-296-0723 E-Mail: doria@ksdot.org
Traci Ward – Equal Employment Officer/ADA Coordinator
Phone: 785-296-0145 Fax: 785-296-0145 E-Mail: EEOoffic@ksdot.org
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet
200 Mero Street, 6th Floor
Frankfort, KY 40622
Jamir Davis – Executive Director, Office of Civil Rights and Small Business
Phone: 502-564-3601 Fax: 502-564-2114 E-Mail: jamir.davis@ky.gov
Louisiana Department of Transportation & Development
PO Box 94245
1201 Capitol Access Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9245
Stephanie Ducote – Compliance Program Director
Phone: 225-379-1363 Fax: 225-379-1865 E-Mail: stephanie.ducote@la.gov
Maine Department of Transportation
Transportation Building
State House Station 16
Augusta, ME 04333-0016
Amy E. Hughes – Director, Civil Rights Office
Phone: 207-624-3056 Fax: 207-624-3021 E-Mail: Amy.Hughes@maine.gov@maine.gov
Maryland State Highway Administration
211 East Madison Street
Mailstop MLL-3
Baltimore, MD 21202
Wanda Dade – Director, Office of Equal Opportunity
Phone: 410-545-0327 Fax: 410-779-7164 E-Mail: WDade@sha.state.md.us
Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation and Construction
Transportation Building, Room 3170
10 Park Plaza
Boston, MA 02116-3973
Julian Tynes – Director of Civil Rights
Phone: 857-368-8730 Fax: 617-973-7311 E-Mail: Julian.Tynes@state.ma.us
Michigan Department of Transportation
State Transportation Building
425 West Ottawa
PO Box 30050
Lansing, MI 48913
Lisa Thompson – Administrator, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program
Phone: 517-373-2377 Fax: 517-335-6859 E-Mail: ThompsonL@michigan.gov
Cheryl J. Hudson – Internal Equal Employment Opportunity Program/Title VI/ADA
Phone: 517-373-0980 Fax: 517-335-2785 E-Mail: hudsonc1@michigan.gov
Minnesota Department of Transportation
Transportation Building, MS-170
395 John Ireland Boulevard
St. Paul, MN 55155-1899
Kim Collins, J.D. – Civil Rights Director
Phone: 651-336-3150 Fax: 651-366-3129 E-Mail: kim.collins@state.mn.us
Mississippi Department of Transportation
401 North West Street
Jackson, MS 39205
Carolyn F. Bell – Civil Rights Director
Phone: 601-359-7466 Fax: 601-576-4504 E-Mail: cbell@mdot.state.ms.us
Missouri Department of Transportation
Highway and Transportation Building
PO Box 270
105 West Capitol Avenue
Jefferson, MO 65102-0270
Lester Woods – External Civil Rights Administrator
Phone: 573-751-2859 Fax: 573-526-0558 E-Mail: lester.woods@modot.mo.gov
Montana Department of Transportation
2701 Prospect Avenue
PO Box 201001
Helena, MT 59620-1001
Patti McCubbins – Civil Rights Bureau Chief
Phone: 406-444-6042 Fax: 406-444-6201 E-Mail: pmccubbins@mt.gov
Nebraska Department of Roads
1500 Nebraska Highway 2
Lincoln, NE 68509
Christopher Hassler – Highway Civil Rights Coordinator
Phone: 402-479-3553 Fax: 402-479-4854 E-Mail: christopher.hassler@nebraska.gov
Nevada Department of Transportation
123 E. Washington Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Sonnie Braih, Esq – Civil Rights Officer
Phone: 702-730-3301 Fax: 702-730-3349 E-Mail: sbrain@dot.state.nv.us
New Hampshire Department of Transportation
John O. Morton Building
7 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03302-0483
Jay Ankenbrock – Chief, Office of Federal Compliance
Phone: 603-271-2467 Fax: 603-271-8048 E-Mail: jankenbrock@dot.state.nh.us
New Jersey Department of Transportation
1035 Parkway Avenue
PO Box 600
Trenton, NJ 08625-0601
Linda Legge – Director, Civil Rights & Affirmative Action
Phone: 609-530-3009 Fax: 603-530-4030 E-Mail: Linda.Legge@dot.nj.gov
New Mexico Department of Transportation
Construction and Civil Rights Bureau
1507 Pacheco Street, Building A
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505
Sally Reeves, PE – State Construction Engineering
Phone: 505-469-9887 Fax: E-Mail: Sally.Reeves@state.nm.us
Linda Ramos, Title VI and ADA Coordinator
Phone: 470-469-9668 Fax: 505-827-1779 E-Mail: Linda.Ramos@state.nm.us
Damian Segura, DBE and Contractor Compliance manager
Phone: 505-469-9887 Fax: 505-827-1779 E-Mail: damian.segura@state.nm.us
New York State Department of Transportation
50 Wolf Road
Albany, NY 12232-000
Sondra A. Little – Director of the Office of Civil Rights
Phone: 505-629-9890 Fax: E-Mail: sondra.little@dot.ny.gov
North Carolina Department of Transportation
One South Wilmington Street
Raleigh, NC 27611
Shelby Scales – Director, Office of Civil Rights
Phone: 919-508-1886 Fax: 919-508-1814 E-Mail: smscales@ncdot.gov
North Dakota Department of Transportation
608 East Boulevard
Bismarck, ND 58505-0700
Ramona Bernard – Director of Civil Rights
Phone: 701-328-2576 Fax: 701-328-0343 E-Mail: rbernard@nd.gov
Ohio Department of Transportation
1980 West Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43223
Lauren Purdy – Deputy Director, Division of Opportunity, Diversity & Inclusion (ODI)
Phone: 614-466-3264 Fax: E-Mail: Lauren.Purdy@dot.ohio.gov
Kimberly A. Watson – Assistant Deputy Director, ODI, and Administrator, Office of Equal Opportunity
Phone: 614-728-3264 Fax: E-Mail: Kim.Watson@dot.ohio.gov
Aisha R. Powell – Assistant Legal Counsel, Title VI/Nondiscrimination Program Manager
Phone: 614-466-6905 Fax: E-Mail: aisha.powell@dot.ohio.gov
Robin E. Fogt – Title VII Program Manager & Affirmative Action Officer
Phone: 614-466-7708 Fax: E-Mail: Robin.Fogt@dot.ohio.gov
Sarah E. Johnson – ADA/504 Program Manager
Phone: 614-466-3979 Fax: E-Mail: Sarah.Johnson@dot.ohio.gov
Deborah Green – Administrator, Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
Phone: 614-466-7699 Fax: E-Mail: deborah.green@dot.ohio.gov
Danette Shuler – Contractor Compliance Manager
Phone: 513-933-6530 Fax: Email: Danette.Shuler@dot.ohio.gov
David Walker – Certification Manager
Phone: 614-644-0301 Fax: Email: David.Walker@dot.ohio.gov
Mica Wulfhorst – Supportive Services Manager
Phone: 614-466-4325 Fax: Email: Mica.Wulfhorst@dot.ohio.gov
Tom Yanka – Goal Attainment Manager
Phone: 614-644-5649 Fax: Email: Thomas.Yanka@dot.ohio.gov
Terry Bolden – Administrator, Office of Outreach
Phone: 614-644-8436 Fax: Email: Terry.Bolden@dot.ohio.gov
Oklahoma Department of Transportation
200 N.E. 21st Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73105-3204
Jenny K. Allen – Division Manager, Civil Rights Division
Phone: 405-521-2072 Fax: 405-522-2136 E-Mail: jallen@odot.org
Sandra Ramos – DBE Reviewer, Civil Rights Division
Phone: 405-521-6046 Fax: 405-522-2136 E-Mail: sramos@odot.org
Oregon Department of Transportation
355 Capitol Street, NE
Salem, OR 97310-3871
Angela Ramos – Civil Rights Manager
Phone: 503-986- 4353 Fax: 503-986-6382 E-Mail: angela.m.ramos@odot.state.or.us
Penny Perez – Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program Manager
Phone: 503-986-4355 Fax: 503-986-6382 E-Mail: penny.perez@odot.state.or.us
John Downing – OMWESB Program Manager
Phone: 503-986-0163 Fax: 503-581-5115 E-Mail: john.downing@biz.state.or.us
Greg Azure – Title VI/Environmental Justice/ADA Program Manager
Phone: 503-986-3169 Fax: 503-986-6382 E-Mail: gregory.p.azure@odot.state.or.us
Corissa Neufeldt – Workforce Development and Field Support Manager
Phone: 503-986-4353 5753 Fax: 503-986-6382 E-Mail: Corissa.R.NEUFELDT@odot.state.or.us
Diana Foster – Labor Compliance Manager
Phone: 503-986-6638 Fax: 503-986-6382 E-Mail: diana.l.foster@odot.state.or.us
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Commonwealth Keystone Building
400 North Street, 5th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Katherine Peters – Director, Bureau of Equal Opportunity
Phone: 717-395-9199
Fax: 717-772-4026 E-Mail: kpeters@pa.gov
Puerto Rico Department of Transportation and Public Works
PO Box 41269
San Juan, PR 00940-1269
Yomarie Pacheco Sánchez – Director, Civil Rights Office
Phone: 787-729-1562 Fax: 787-721-2621 E-Mail: YPacheco@dtop.gov.pr
Ana Iris Del Moral – Deputy Director Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program
Phone: 787-729-1562 Fax: 787-721-2621 E-Mail: ADelMoral@dtop.gov.pr
Gloria Mendoza – Civil Rights Coordinator On the Job Training/ Internal EEO Program
Phone: 787-729-1562 Fax: 787-721-2621 E-Mail: mendoza@dtop.gov.pr
Mariselle Sobrado – Contractor Compliance
Phone: 787-729-1562 Fax: 787-721-2621 E-Mail: msobrado@dtop.gov.pr
Rhode Island Department of Transportation
2 Capitol Hill, Room 210
State Office Building
Providence, RI 02903
Kelly Monteiro Caesar, J.D. – CAAP Administrator, Civil Rights Programs
Phone: 401-222-3260, Ext. 4405 Fax: 401-222-6168 E-Mail: kelly.caesar@dot.ri.gov
South Carolina Department of Transportation
Silas N. Pearman Building
955 Park Street
Columbia, SC 29202
Greg Davis – Director, Business Development and Special Programs
Phone: 803-737-1266 Fax: 803-737-2021 E-Mail: DavisGQ@scdot.org
South Dakota Department of Transportation
Becker-Hansen Building
700 East Broadway Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501-2586
Lance DeMers – DBE Compliance Specialist
Phone: 605-773-4472 Fax: 605-773-3921 E-Mail: lance.demers@state.sd.us
June Hansen, Civil Rights Coordinator
Phone: 605-773-3540 Fax: 605-773-3921 E-Mail: june.hansen@state.sd.us
Tennessee Department of Transportation
505 Deaderick Street, Suite 1800
James K. Polk Building
Nashville, TN 37243-0349
Deborah Luter – Executive Director, Civil Rights
Phone: 615-741-3681 Fax: 615-741-3169 E-Mail: Deborah.Luter@tn.gov
Texas Department of Transportation
125 East 11th Street
Austin, TX 78701-2483
Michael D. Bryant – Director, Civil Rights
Phone: 512-416-4715 Fax: 512-936-0926 E-Mail: michael.d.bryant@txdot.gov
Utah Department of Transportation
4501 South 2700 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-1245
Stacy Frandsen – Civil Rights Manager
Phone: 801-965-4344 Fax: 801-965-4338 Email:   sfrandsen@utah.gov
Vermont Agency of Transportation
One National Life Drive
Montpelier, VT 05633-5001
Lori Valburn – Civil Rights & Labor Compliance Chief
Phone: 802-828-5561 Fax: 802-828-2024 E-Mail: lori.valburn@state.vt.us
Government of the Virgin Islands of the United State
Public Works Department
8244 Sub Base
St. Thomas, VQ 00802-5205
Sharon Challenger – Civil Rights Director
Phone: 340-773-1290, ext. 2242 Fax: 340-778-1394 E-Mail: sharon.challenger@vi.gov
Virginia Department of Transportation
1401 E. Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23219
Sandra D. Norman – Civil Rights Division Administrator
Phone: 804-786-2085 Fax: 804-371-8040 E-Mail: sandra.norman@vdot.virginia.gov
Washington Department of Transportation
PO Box 47316
Maple Park Drive
Olympia, WA 98504-7316
Earl Key – Director, Office of Equal Opportunity
Phone: 360-705-7091 Fax: 360-705-6801 E-Mail: KeyE@wsdot.wa.gov
Larry Watkinson – Deputy Director/ADA Coordinator/Title VI Coordinator/EEO Contract Compliance
Phone: 360-705-7097 Fax: 360-705-6801 E-Mail: WatkinsL@wsdot.wa.gov
John Huff – Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program Manager
Phone: 360-705-7010 Fax: 360-705-6801 E-Mail: HuffJ@wsdot.wa.gov
Jackie Bayne – Technical Services & Policy Manager (On-the-Job Training Supportive Services/DBE Supportive Services)
Phone: 360-705-7084 Fax: 360-705-6801 E-Mail: BayneJ@wsdot.wa.gov
Sarah Erdmann – Deputy Director, Office of Minority & Women's Business Enterprises (OMWBE) – Washington's UCP for DBE Certification
Phone: 360-664-9771 Fax: 360-586-7079 E-Mail: SarahE@omwbe.wa.gov
West Virginia Department of Transportation
1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East, Room 109
Capitol Complex, Building 5
Charleston, WV 25305
Drema L. Smith – Director, Equal Employment Opportunity Division
Phone: 304-558-3931 Fax: 304-558-4236 E-Mail: drema.l.smith@wv.gov
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
State Transportation Building
4802 Sheboygan Avenue
Madison, WI 53702
E. Aggo Akyea – Director, Office of Business Opportunity and Equity Compliance
Phone: 608-267-9527 Fax: 608-267-3641 Email: aggo.akyea@dot.wi.gov
Michele Carter – Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program Chief
Phone: 414-438-4583 Fax: 414-438-5389 E-Mail: michele.carter@dot.wi.gov
Taqwanya Smith – Title VI Officer
Phone: 608-266-8129 Fax: 608-267-3641 E-Mail: taqwanya.smith@dot.wi.gov
Brenda Brewer – Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Program Coordinator
Phone: 608-266-0208 Fax: 608-264-9972 E-Mail: BrendaK.Brewer@dot.wi.gov
Rosalind Roberson – Urban Outreach Strategist
Phone: 414-438-2154 Fax: 414-438-5389 E-Mail: rosalind.robetson@dot.wi.gov
Kelly Jackson – Statewide Tribal Liaison
Phone: 608-266-3761 Fax: 608-264-6667 Email: kelly.jackson@dot.wi.gov
Ryan Greendeer – National Summer Transportation Institute {NSTI} Liaison
Phone: 608-261-0131 Fax: 608-267-3641 E-Mail: ryan.greendeer@dot.wi.gov
Wyoming Department of Transportation
5300 Bishop Boulevard
Cheyenne, WY 82009-3340
Lisa Fresquez – Civil Rights Program Manager
(State Internal Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Plan/504/Limited English
Proficiency/Title VI/Contract Compliance/Prevailing Wage/Contract Administration)
Phone: 307-777-4457 Fax: 307-777-4765 E-Mail: lisa.fresquez@wyo.gov
Lonny Pfau – Human Resources Manager
Phone: 307-777-4103 Fax: 307-777-3885 E-Mail: lonny.pfau@wyo.gov
Mitzi Krois – DBE Program Manager/Civil Rights
Phone: 307-777-4268 Fax: 307-777-4765 E-Mail: mitzi.krois1@wyo.gov

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