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National Summer Transportation Institute Program


For Preparing The

Summer Transportation Institute Program
Annual Report


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Table of Contents

Part I: Instructions and Guidelines

Section I: Program Administration

Section II: Program Curriculum

Section III: Preliminary Financial Report

Section IV: Recommendations

Part II: Appendix

Part I: Instructions and Guidelines

The Summer Transportation Institute (STI) Project Director is responsible for preparing and submitting an annual report to their State Transportation Agency and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Division Office. This report is due to FHWA Headquarters Civil Rights Office on or before October 15 of each year. The report should not exceed 15 pages (Sections I and III attachments do not count against the page limitation) and include the results of activities associated with the STI. The report should be sent as a Word document using the Times New Roman font type and single-spaced. Photos should be sent as jpeg and include a caption. The following components are included in the report.

Section I:  Program Administration

This section of the report should include the following information:

  • Host Site Name and Address
  • Project Director
  • Length of Program
  • Type of Program
  • Grade Level(s)
  • Number of Student Applications Received
  • Number of Students Selected for Program
  • Number of Students to Complete Program


Provide a summary of your college/university's STI program.

Committee, Partners and Staff Information

Provide the following information (Complete Section I Attachments).

  1. Intermodal Advisory Committee (IAC): Provide the names, titles and affiliations of members of the advisory committee.

  2. Partners/Sponsors: Provide names, titles and affiliations of STI partners/sponsors (other than IAC members and their role/contribution(s) to the STI.

  3. Program Faculty and Staff: Provide the names, STI position titles, and affiliations of all STI faculty and staff.

Program Objectives

Provide a list of the STI objectives and explain the method used to measure whether or not the objectives were accomplished. (The method of measuring accomplishments should be based on weekly evaluations submitted by participants). If objectives were not met, then an explanation of the barriers that prevented accomplishment should be provided.

Student Selection Process

Briefly describe the methods used and results for recruiting and selecting students.

Demographic Summary Report

Complete the attached demographic summary sheet.


Summarize the strategies used to market the STI.

Section II:  Program Curriculum

Academic Program

Describe the multi-modal academic program.  Information on field trips and speakers should be included.  Highlight significant accomplishments and innovations.  An academic program calendar is also necessary. 

Enhancement Program

Describe the enhancement program activities and highlights with objectives and accomplishments.

Sports and Recreation Program (Residential Programs)

Briefly describe the sports and recreation program activities.


Summarize the results of the overall evaluations.  Participant evaluations may be included as an appendix.

Orientation and Closing Awards Programs

Summarize the orientation and closing programs, including information on awards and certificates presented.  Include a list of "dignitaries" and a copy of the press announcement of the Closing Awards Program, if applicable.

Section III:  Preliminary Financial Report

Provide a report of the STI account activity that details reimbursement requests and expenditure of funds to date.

Section IV:  Recommendations

Provide any recommendations for enhancing operations and accomplishments of the STI.

Part II:  Appendix

This section may include documentation such as photographs, journal entries, participants' papers, participants' reports, graphics, etc.

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